Cleaning Toilet with Vinegar & Remove Stubborn Stains From Toilet Bowl

Cleaning toilet with vinegar

When it comes to cleaning your toilet, how many times you reached out for Chemicals. Using something that’s lying inside your house without being noticed as a cleaning tool. I am talking about using vinegar for cleaning your toilet. It may sound a bit odd to a shopping Junky who spends a lot of time and money on supermarkets. For purchasing various types of cleaning liquids and toilet detergent products that look fancy and fashionable.

I don’t blame you If you are in this category. The society is moving away from all the healthy options. When it comes to eating and drinking habits. We have now got used to toxic methods when it comes to the regular cleaning jobs as well. Due to this reason, it is also much trendier to use expensive cleaning material and harmful chemicals when it comes to cleaning the kitchen and most importantly our toilet.

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As a general rule of cleaning, white Vinegar Wins over Apple Cider Vinegar

Using vinegar that’s kept inside your pantry cupboard to clean your toilet. Using any of those toxic chemicals that you see on TV commercials so often. As you know, the price difference of toilet cleaning detergent, when compared to white vinegar it’s pretty big too. So, cleaning toilet with vinegar is something you should definitely think about when being concerned about both skin health and cost.

And when it comes to cleaning purposes, it’s always better to choose white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar for any toilet that’s in a pool of dirt and stains

So then, Let’s start to clean our toilet with white vinegar

Pour a little bit of vinegar into the toilet bowl, one to two cups of white vinegar will do the trick. Feel free to Put on some rubber gloves, although the white vinegar is harmless on our skin, our toilet could contain a lot of germs that can spread diseases. Therefore, wearing hand gloves is a good practice.

Cleaning toilet with vinegar

Now you can start to spread the vinegar all over the bowl with a piece of cloth or Sponge. Leave it there for a couple of hours untouched or if you prefer to do it at night. You can leave the toilet bowl overnight and let the white vinegar stay there till morning without using the toilet in between this time.

It’s also a good idea to put the white vinegar in an empty spray bottle and spray it. Especially onto the most stained areas of the bowl even spread all the vinegar inside the toilet. It doesn’t matter whether you spray the entire two cups of vinegar into the bowl. Just simply pour out the vinegar straight into the bow. Make sure to spread it all over the Inside of the bowl, that’s it.

I have experienced that even the toughest stains disappear when you scrub after leaving the white vinegar in the toilet overnight, rather than leaving it there just for a couple of hours before scrubbing. Keeping the vinegar overnight is a must in case if you have hard water in your home.

The vinegar has had enough of being left alone, now it’s time for you to get to work

Now that the vinegar has set in, it’s time to proceed to the next step of cleaning. Let’s start scrubbing the toilet. You can use a standard toilet brush for this job as usual. What you are doing here is exactly what we have previously done when cleaning your toilet with cleaning liquid or powder. The only difference is that now we are using white vinegar instead of smelly chemicals that are harmful to our skin.

As you start scrubbing, the stains will start to disappear as expected. You will be amazed at the results of this white vinegar as it works just as well as any other cleaning material you’ve used before.

Will vinegar work as a real germ killer in my toilet as well?

Have you heard that vinegar was used as a germ killer in kitchens and pantries in the good olden days when they didn’t have cleaning powder or liquid?

Vinegar can act as a germ killer in your household. But unfortunately, nowadays vinegar is something that’s rarely used as a cleaning agent. What you may be thinking right now is, sure it can kill germs in your kitchen, but can it be effective when it comes to cleaning our toilet. Our apartment’s toilet is probably the worst in the Neighborhood when it comes to cleanliness since we live in an apartment.

Yes, the toilet is definitely the worst place when it comes to bacteria and germs. May it be an apartment that you live in or whether it’s your own sweet home that you have built. So, a yellowish bowl isn’t something that’s centralized to your house or apartment. A toilet in any home that’s occupied by humans will be full of bacteria of different types no matter how often they clean the toilet, irrespective of what chemical or detergent they used to clean them.

Let’s take a look at a bit of science as to why cleaning toilet with vinegar is a good idea

Vinegar is a liquid consisting of about 5–20% acetic acid which can kill harmful bacteria. therefore, vinegar can act as a strong germ killer in your household as well as your toilet. Therefore, the answer for the question is also Yes.

Vinegar is an effective germ killer that could be used on your household toilet. It’s always better to know why we should consider using vinegar as a viable cleaning option based on science as well because, we shouldn’t do something purely based on traditions or practice only.

And the best part is that white vinegar is not only a germ killer that’s way cheaper than most toilet detergent products, cleaning toilet with vinegar is actually the most harmless solution when compared to regular toilet cleaners out there.

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