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The Ideal Standard Shower Head Height for Your Bathroom

Have you ever walked into your shower and felt like the water pressure was just not right? It’s probably because the head of your shower was too high. This article will give some tips on how to find a great height for your new or existing showerhead to create an optimal soaking experience. 

“How high should my shower head be?” So many people ask this question over and over again. The answer is not that easy because there are a lot of factors that go into it. To get the best shower head height, you need to consider your preference for water pressure and personal comfort. This article will go into the depth of finding the optimum shower head height for you.

What is a Standard Shower Head Height?

When starting a bathroom remodeling, one of the most important questions is the standard shower head height.

The short answer to this is 80 inches from the shower floor. This industry-standard measurement comes from an aspect that considers the average height that will also accommodate most individuals.

Depending on your needs, you can adjust your shower head height. In most cases, bathroom fixtures that are positioned at 80 inches in height should suit most individuals. Obviously, if you are more than six feet tall, you may find an 80 inches shower height short. So again, sometimes it will depend on your needs.

The Typical Shower Head Height

Most showerheads out there are mounted at the height of 80 inches from the floor of a shower tray or the bath floor. This is the typical shower head height since it enables most users to comfortably fit underneath the shower without it being too far to reach.

What is Code for Shower Head Heights?

There are really no regulations or rules when it comes to building codes for shower height. 

The best shower head height is normally one that can accommodate as many users in the household as possible. But, some homeowners may be tempted to change their existing shower head height to improve comfort while living in a property.

Regulations in Shower Head Height

There’s really no fixed height for shower head height because we all have different designs and preferences for our bathrooms.

But it is important to use the standard shower head height so that your bathroom can suit any of your family members. Despite this, you can adjust the measurements to accommodate your shower needs if you want something unique.

Importance of Shower Head Height From Floor

The importance of shower head height from the floor is that it ensures a relaxing showering experience. This aspect is responsible for the distance between your body and the shower head. The vertical distance between you and the shower can bring a great difference to the showering experience.

Shower Head Height From Floor

Disadvantages of Having an Inaccurate Height

There are some drawbacks to having an inaccurate shower height. Using or fixing the shower head at the wrong height can lead to an ineffective showering experience.

With an inaccurate shower head height, you might need to tolerate the low water pressure on your body. The water droplets won’t give you a good splash if the shower head height is not proper. This can create a feeling of confinement and result in a not satisfying showering experience.

Additionally, with a wrong shower head height, you’ll have hardly any room for you to move your body freely or extend your arms. This is not a good thing, especially if you have claustrophobia.

Not-so-good bathroom aesthetics, low water pressure, feeling of confinement of space around you, and improper cleaning of your body are some of the drawbacks that you can get from an inaccurate shower head height.

This is why you should take precautions and follow the instructions before mounting or installing the shower head of your choice in your bathroom.

Why Do We Have Different Standard Shower Head Heights?

There are several different standards for shower head heights in the world. Most of the time, it depends on the average height of the individual, which can differ from country to country.

In the US itself, there is a myriad of different standardized shower heads because of the varying heights of the people. This is the reason why there’s a standard height for showerheads. 

Moreover, it also depends on the overall build of homes in a certain area, or specifically the design of the bathrooms.

Fact: Standards have been established to ensure that everybody’s showering needs are met regardless of one’s height.

Another reason for having different standard shower head heights is because of children. The reason here is obvious as children are not tall enough for a certain shower head height.

To sum it up, we have different standard shower head heads because we have different showering needs.

Factors Affecting Shower Head Height

When considering shower head height, you will need to think about other factors aside from the height of the users.

Shower Curtain and Screen Height

If your shower is over a bathtub, you must consider the height of your shower screen or shower curtain, and in shower cubicles, the screen height must be considered. The reason is you must ensure the showerhead height is compatible and won’t result in the water splashing over the shower screen and getting the rest of your bathroom wet.

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For instance, if your showerhead will point downward, installing a rain shower head at a height taller than the shower curtain or shower screen won’t be a problem since the water will spray directly downwards into the shower or bath tray. 

But if the spray pattern is outwards, it must be installed at a lower height than the shower screen to prevent water from spraying everywhere.

Ceiling Height

Another factor to consider is the ceiling height since this can restrict the shower head height. If your shower ceiling height doesn’t let you install your shower head at the height you want, you can solve this by lowering the floor with a slimline shower tray. 

If this still doesn’t provide enough space between the ceiling and floor to meet the needs of your taller family members, you could sink the shower or bathtub tray into the floor by a few inches.

Types of Shower Heads and their Required Standard Height

To get the right shower head for your needs, you need to learn the types of showerheads and their required standard height.

Standard Height For Wall Mounted Showerheads

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Fixed showerheads or wall-mounted shower heads are mounted to the wall, and their height can’t be adjusted. Because of this, it is crucial to carefully consider the needs and height of your family members before having the shower head installed in its designated location. 

The standard height for wall-mounted shower heads is 80 inches from the bathroom floor. But again, this can be changed to meet your family’s needs.

It is advisable that a wall-mounted showerhead should be installed at a minimum of 72 inches from the floor since if it were any lower, it would be hard for average height users to use. It could also be a potential problem for future owners of the property. Additionally, the highest recommended wall-mounted shower head should be installed at 96 inches, but this might differ based on room height. 

Standard Height For Rainfall Shower head

Rainfall showerheads have become quite well-known in the past few years since they provide a revitalizing and refreshing experience that feels like you are standing outside in the rain. The standard recommended height for a rain shower head is 84 inches from the bathroom floor. And again, if you or your family members are tall, you must increase this.

Standard Height For Rainfall Shower head

Standard Shower Enclosure Height

When installing a shower, you must also ensure that you cover your wall area, which is located above the shower pan, with any waterproof material. A standard shower enclosure or shower stall height should be 72 inches or 78 inches, starting from your bathroom floor. But you can purchase or construct them ready-made with up to 96 inches tall.

Usually, it is recommended to construct the shower enclosure up to at least three inches above your shower rough-in, which is the height at which the shower arm comes out of the wall.

standard shower enclosure height

In any setting, the shower enclosure in your bathroom must not extend up to the ceiling. But if you’re sure that there’s proper ventilation, you can have it as high as your ceiling. It is because mildew and mold begin to form on the shower walls if the steam that comes out of the shower doesn’t have space to vent out. Mildew and mold on your shower wall are certainly not something that you’ll ever wish to have.

Handheld Shower Head

If your family members have big varying heights, handheld shower heads are the best solution for you because they can hold the shower head over them at their respective heights.

The only disadvantage of hand shower heads is that they need you to hold them while showering, which can be inconvenient for some users.

handheld shower head

Shower Head Height For a Tall People

There are some shower head heights designed for tall individuals. They are normally custom-made but can also be used by short users due to the positioning of the shower control used.

In particular, rain showerheads are perfect for tall users because of their high rain-like sensation output. Other showerheads can be installed with a 10 inches to 16 inches showerhead extension arm or an adjustable one to fit not only tall users but also any height.

Tip: Go for the adjustable ones as they are quite versatile.

Shower Head Height Extension

The best shower head extensions are comfortable to use, easy to set up and look good. Given these characteristics, we highly suggest the Delta Faucet Adjustable Extension Shower.

shower head height extension

Even though it is only 10 inches long, it is made to add as much as 18 inches to your showerhead’s reach and height.

Shower Head Height for Short People

Children and other short family members must also be considered when installing a bathroom shower head.

You can consider using an adjustable shower head arm, which can be adjusted to meet the shower needs of kids or short users.

Adjustable shower head arms are perfect when designing a bathroom for your children because as they grow tall, it will be effortless to adjust the height of the shower head.

Adjusting the Showerhead Height for You

Most of the time, people end up adjusting themselves in the shower rather than adjusting the height of their shower heads. This is primarily because there’s very little understanding of the right shower head height.

Users take it for granted and don’t give enough attention to it, leading to bad decisions that create discomfort later in the showering experience.

But there are approaches to make sure that the shower head is fixed at the proper height. This primarily depends on the elevation or rise of the shower head, the type of shower head extension that you have, and of course, your height.

Should the Shower Head Be Centered?

Yes. Shower heads should be in the horizontal center of the shower. Aside from ease of use, this placement is also for aesthetics. 

Changing Shower Head Height

If you’ve recently moved into a new house in which the shower head is too low, there are ways to adjust the height without changing the position of the showerhead installation.

One of the simplest ways is to get an “S” shower arm extension like the one below.

s arm for shower

Shower arm extensions will raise the level of the shower head without having to adjust the internal plumbing.

Ideal Shower Space Requirements

Experts say that the ideal shower size is 36 inches x 36 inches. With this area, you should be able to wash your hair and body without bumping your hands against the shower enclosure.

But because there are spaces in different sizes and various types of enclosures and cubicles, choosing the perfect shower size for your home needs some thought.

Accessories to Raise the Shower Head Height 

If you’re looking for some tools to raise your head height, here are some accessories that you can use to extend your shower head height.

S Shower Arm

S-style Shower Arms High Rise Shower Arm, With Flanges (8', Satin Nickel)

An S shower arm is an effective way to improve the height of your showerhead. This tool can endure wear and tear. But you must remove the current shower arm on your bathroom wall if you want to install it.

Additionally, it is fixed in nature, which makes it less flexible compared to other tools. But if this is not a problem, an S shower arm is an amazing tool as it offers great durability and height.

Swivel Ball Adapter

KES Shower Head Swivel Ball Adapter - Brass Ball Joint Adjustable Shower Arm Connector Universal Showering Component Polished Chrome, PSB100

As we’ve mentioned earlier, an S shower arm is an easy way to extend your showerhead height. However, it makes the shower spray direct water to the shower wall instead of you, particularly below-average height.

This issue is caused by a pivot ball that doesn’t give an angle far enough for an ideal spray. But with a swivel ball adapter, you can lower your showerhead height. Just fix it between your showerhead and your shower arm pipe.

Adjustable Shower Arm

Hotel Spa 11' Solid Brass Adjustable Shower Extension Arm with Lock Joints. Lower or Raise Any Rain or Handheld Showerhead to Your Height & Angle / 2-Foot Range/Connection, Chrome Finish

Adjustable shower arms are the least expensive and easiest way to raise your shower head height. This kind of shower arm mounts to your current shower arm and serves as an extension, and then you can fix your current showerhead.

Another good reason to opt for this tool is that it doesn’t require tools. Instead, you need to put some plumber’s tape to the threads and tighten using your hands. It just takes a few minutes to complete this task.

Shower Slide Bar or Shower Grab Bar

KES Shower Slide Bar for Bathroom with Adjustable Handheld Shower Holder Wall Mount, Brushed SUS 304 Stainless Steel, F204-2

Shower slide bars are the most complicated option for increasing your shower head height. 

It holds handheld showerheads after being installed on the wall. To adjust the showerhead height, you need to move the holder mount along the track of the shower slide bar.

There are different kinds of shower grab bars. But we highly recommend the flexible model that can be fastened to the wall, enabling you to choose your desired height easily.

Showers That Incorporate Adjustable Height Shower Heads

An adjustable shower head is mounted to a vertical pole and can slide up and down. These showerheads normally feature a tightening mechanism or button so the user can find their ideal showerhead height and fix it in place for the duration of their shower. The next user can then loosen this adjusting mechanism, adjust the showerhead to its correct height, and fixed it again.

Adjustable Height Shower Heads

Adjustable showerheads are a great compromise between a handheld showerhead and a fixed showerhead, as it enables the user to use the shower at different heights. 

The primary problem with these kinds of showerheads is that they need more visible pipework in your bathroom. If you like a minimalistic display with hidden pipes and clean lines, then a fixed showerhead might be your better choice instead of an adjustable shower head.

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