How to repair toilet flushing system

How to Repair Toilet Flushing System | Step-by-Step Guide How To Fix It!

How annoying could it be to use a toilet. It has to be flushed more than once, twice or ever thrice after using or to get held up.  In a bathroom just to flush the toilet again in order to avoid feeling guilty of bad toilet manners? Let alone social etiquette, having an inefficient toilet flushing system makes keeping your toilet bowl clean. An impossible job while maintaining unpleasant odors that could keep you and everyone else running away.

Knowing how to repair toilet flushing system is the only way to stop flushing more than one time. Hence a One Flush system is how any toilet is supposed to be and having a One Flush clean. It will dramatically cut down your water wastage as well. So, I guarantee that you will love to read this plumbing advice if you hate to flush out. This scarce resource down your drain unutilized.

An improper flushing experience is an indication that says your toilet drain could be either partially or completely blocked. It’s time for clearing. Because It’s easy to say that If your toilet won’t flush, then odds. Your toilet is probably clogged but we aren’t sure yet so we have to do a simple test first. Get ready to get down and dirty with a toilet plunger and a pair of rubber gloves to start unclogging your toilet.

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Let’s see how to repair toilet flushing system in detail

Begin by pouring in about four liters of water into your toilet and try to flush it. Observe closely and If you can see that the toilet does not flush properly, then it’s understandable that your toilet is clogged up.

Toilet unclogging can be done with the help of a standard plunger. But, a toilet plunger that has an extension flange would do better for this job.

Use the rubber flange to plunge into the toilet to get a better seal. Push it in and out rapidly over and over, be mindful to keep some water in the bowl to cover the plunger. You can move on if the toilet does seem to flush smoothly.

The second step is removing the toilet tank cover. This is going to be another job that requires your observation. Checking whether the water level in your tank is at the same level as it’s with the designated line. Its an important thing to know when trying to repair a toilet flushing system.

But, if for whatever reason the water level in the tank isn’t even with the designated line. You will have to use the water tank float assembly in order to adjust the mismatch of water levels

Here’s the Example

How to repair toilet flushing system

For this next inspection, you will have to get down on all fours with both your hands and knees in order to look for the toilet flush holes. Usually you can find the toilet flush holes around the toilet bowl. In most cases of repairing toilet flushing systems when clogged, you will be able to notice that these holes tend to pour out water during flushing.

This Leakage will definitely reduce the water pressure required for a proper flush. Feel free to use thin sticks or pins to push through the holes so that it will clear out any blockage it might have. Now you can do a proper flush and hope for real improvements in terms of the pressure of water

For this next step you need to shut down the water supply to the tank first. Make sure it is completely cut off by turning the knob of the valve far to your right-hand side which you may find coming out from the wall itself most of the time. Or maybe you may see the water supply valve on the floor sometimes in rare cases.

Now you are ready for some cleaning with a gallon of bleaching powder. This is where you learn how to repair toilet flushing system efficiently by a powerful bleaching session that will do a thorough cleaning job on your entire toilet system to really eliminate blockages.

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This is how you do it, pour in roughly four liters of bleach inside the toilet bowl and keeping it there for about 20 minutes would be sufficient., Now you are ready to do another flush test.

How to repair toilet flushing system

Now it’s time to fill up your tank, so just turn the supply of water back on but it is still testing time and you won’t be able to use the toilet just as yet. Let the water get collected and then flush it out. Rinse and repeat this process for about 30 to 40 minutes, so that the bleach is washed out as well as to unclog the toilet from blockages.

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far and you are almost done with this tedious and stinky plumbing job.
Have you heard of cleaning a toilet with Vinegar? If not, we are going to do just that as the final task of knowing how to repair toilet flushing system. For this we use vinegar because it kills germs, bacteria in your toilet very well and also note that it’s an acid that reacts well with lime deposits. This is a rather cheap method because, you will only need a cup of Vinegar for this

Open up the toilet tank’s lid and pour in a cup of vinegar into the toilet tank. This would alone do the trick and you don’t have to stir the vinegar, the vinegar will get rid of all unwanted deposits that’s built up. And let it stay there for about one hour approximately and you are done with this.

How to repair toilet flushing system

Now, it’s time to do some more flushing a couple of times again. In order for you to get all of that vinegar out of the tank. Vinegar could harm metal in your cistern if kept for hours and hours. You don’t want that to happen since you are here to repair and not harm your toilet.

Doing a proper plumbing job sure takes time, but it is well worth it. Doing these steps will definitely improve the flushing power of any toilet. And learning how to repair toilet flushing system comes with practice and patients. And it’s important to understand that an incomplete toilet flushing experience can be frustrating and unhygienic. So, I really hope that these home remedies I have listed above will help improve your toilet system for a long time.

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