Water Coming up Through Concrete Floor | DIY Repair Guide

Are you facing the issues of water coming up in your concrete floor but don’t know what to do? Do you know the reason behind this issue or why water is coming up through your concrete floor? Until you figure out the main issues, it would be impossible to stop the water coming up through floor.

This article would help you in thoroughly studying about why does water come up through concrete floor and its solutions. Let’s first read the following top reasons behind why does water come up through your concrete floor.

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The top reasons behind water coming up through concrete floor

The might be a number of reasons behind this issue or there may be just a single reason behind it. Whatever the reason is, it is critically important to figure it out. It is important because in this way, you would be able to resolve that problem. Once the problem at the backend would be resolved, the water issue would be easy to fix. There might be the following top reasons behind water coming up through concrete floor:


  • The place where you live may be heavily raining era. Due to excessive rain, the rainwater gets accumulated under the floor and starts coming up from certain points time-by-time.


  • The type of soil under and around your home may be the reason for it. Sometimes, the soil is soft and level of moisture in the soil is already higher. In such cases, the soil simply becomes unable absorb the extra water which ultimately starts coming up.


  • Another important reason behind this may be the hydrological conditions around your home. If it is a more-watery area due to any reason, there are higher chances of water coming up.


  • If you are living in an area where the snow melts more frequently, you may face this issue. When the snow melts, the snow water starts accumulating into the soil. From that soil, if it finds a way, it would start coming it.


  • The issues in your underground water pipes or sanitary system may be one of the reasons for it.

What happens when the water gets accumulated under concrete floor?

If the water starts getting accumulated under the concrete floor, it would negatively damage your floor. For example, when there would be a standing water under your floor, your floor may get the cracks. If it is cracked, the water would start coming up through it and further damage the nearby area.

Why it is important to fix the broken concrete floor to stop giving way to water?

It is very important to fix the broken floor in order to stop the flow of water through it due to multiple reasons. The most important reason is that if the water would continue passing through it, it would damage your floor and furniture. Suppose, you have a beautiful wood dining table and water is coming towards it through cracked floor. As a result, not only would floor would suffer but the constant contact with water would damage the wood of table. No only this, but another important reason to fix it is that the standing water under concrete floor is the best environment for molds and fungus. If they start grow under your floor, they would make you victim of many health issues. Therefore, it is very important to fix the concrete floor if water is coming up through it.

What to do before implementing the solution?

Before implementing the solution, it is very important that you carefully check for all the issues. Check for those issues which are causing the water coming-up problem. Without figuring the main reason behind this, you wouldn’t be able to stop water from coming up. First of all, resolve the issues that are causing the water coming up through concrete floor. After that, take steps to recover or fix your floor through following the below discussed steps in solution section.

Carefully check for any leakages in your drainage or sanitary system

Among all the reasons, it is critically important to check for any damages and leakages in your drainage/sanitary system. It most of the cases, the water come up through concrete floor due to any leaking pipe of your drainage system. Therefore, must check and resolve this issue properly before moving on to next steps.

Solution to the problem

Once all the underlying issues have been resolved, now is the time to implement the actual solution. Just follow the following steps to implement the solution

  • Fill All the Cracks

Fill in all the cracks in your concrete floor from where the water is coming up. In order to do this, you can simply visit any hardware or home improvement store. From there, you can buy a concrete patching compound and apply this to the cracks in your floor. Thoroughly fill up all the cracks in order to stop the passage of water from them.

  • Seal up Joints

The joints in the concrete floor are usually the area from where the water come up. Therefore, it is important that you seal these joints through special concrete floor sealing/filling compound. Not only this, but also make a layer of this compound on all the pipes or lines under the concrete floor.

  • Seal up the concrete surface

After you are done with filling all the cracks and sealing up the floor joints, now move towards sealing up the concrete floor surface. In order to do this, buy a silicate based concrete sealant product from any hardware store. Prepare the mixture and apply a thin layer of it over your concrete floor.

I am done with all these steps but issue is still unresolved.

If you have performed all the above steps but still the issue is unresolved, you are recommended to hire a service. There are a number of companies with experiences and professional staff to give you services in this regard. You can just call and ask them to visit your home and do the rest of the work.

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