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Installing the Booster Pump Sprinkler System | Installation Instructions

Booster pump sprinkler system effectively enhances the speed of the flow of fluid in any direction. Have you ever encounter a booster pump sprinkler system or know in-depths about it? Not really? Don’t worry! This article will help to learn about the best booster sprinkler system in detail. The basic use of such type of pumps is the increase the pressure of water.

These types of booster pumps are usually installed in the way of water and they increase its pressure. If the water is coming out through a sprinkler, it would sprinkle at a more speed after installing this pump. These types of booster pumps sprinkler systems do not only used in the home lawns or gardens.

But they are also used in a wide range in fields, parks, and other larger areas for varying purposes. It is also used to increase the pressure of water if the water has to be reached at certain locations. For example, the booster pump sprinkler system is installed to deliver water to multiple homes in city water supply sprinkler system.

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How Booster pumps are different from other pumps?

Other types of pumps are different than a booster sprinkler pump in their function. The difference is that the other types of pumps are used usually to pull water from one place to send it to the destination. As compared to them, the booster pump sprinkler system is used to increase to pressure of the flow of water. Another major difference is that they are used typically for water, but they won’t work with greasy or thicker oils. In contrast, there are many other pumps who handle the flow of thick and greasy oils.

Best Solution for Low water pressure problem

As the booster pump sprinkler systems increased the pressure of water, they are considered as best solution for low water pressure problem. In those areas where the water supply is limited or low, installing the booster pump sprinkler systems would help. They would assist in creating a pressure inside the water lines/pipes. Due to this pressure, the water would start flowing at higher speed than before and reach its destination fast.

How to install a booster pump sprinkler system?

In order to install a best booster pump sprinkler system, it is recommended to follow these steps one-by-one.

  • Determine the length of your inlet pipe

It is important to first figure out the total length of your PVC pipe. This is important because in this way, you would be able to produce new intake pipe.

  • Assemble the suction bucket and foot valve for pipe

At the end on inlet pipe, attach the foot valve. With this foot valve, carefully and properly attach the suction basket.

  • Sub-merge suction basket

Now is the time to submerge you suction basket with the inlet pipe. It is important for the right operation of the booster pump sprinkler system.

  • Connect the pump inlet with the suction basket

In order to create the pressure for water, make sure you connect the pump inlet with the suction basket according to the instruction manual.

  • Test the system

Test the system in order to see if the booster pump sprinkler system has been installed properly or not.

How much a booster pump sprinkler system costs?

Usually, the cost of a booster pump sprinkler system varies according to the size of the pump as well as its capacity to generate pressure. You would find a large number of these pumps according to your budget and your requirements. On an average, there are booster pump sprinkler systems which are in the range of $500 to $800. On the other hand, some larger sized and larger capacity booster pumps are even more expensive.

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How to buy the best booster pump sprinkler system?

Before going to buy a best booster pump sprinkler system for you, make sure to consider the following important things.

  • Why do you need this pumps?

Before planning or actually going to the market to buy a booster pump sprinkler system for you, make sure to think about the need of this pump. Do ask yourself the question, “Why should I buy a booster pump sprinkler system?” Also figure out whether there is an actual need to buy this pump of not? Where you want to install this pump or what you want to do with it? If you seriously need to buy this pump, then move on to next step.

  • What size of booster pump sprinkler system you require?

Once you realized that you actually need a booster pump sprinkler system, then the next step is to decide its size. Based on the purpose for which you are buying this pump, decide a particular size of it. For example, if you are buying it to use in a small lawn in your home, consider buying a smaller size pump. Similarly, if you need it for some bigger purpose, then decide the size accordingly.

  • What is your budget to buy this pump?

The next step is to decide on a budget that you can spend over it. Decide the maximum amount of money that you can spend over it without disturbing your financial balance. Then, go to market and check out various booster pump sprinkler systems under your budget. You would find a number of pumps from different companies under different prices. However, make sure to buy it from a good supplier to that you may not end up making a wrong purchase.

  • Would you install it by yourself or hire a service?

Also decide the way through which you are going to install the booster pump sprinkler system. If you think that you can install it by yourself, then go for it with an instruction manual. If you think that you may not do it properly, then don’t hesitate to hire a service. There are a number of companies that are providing such services. Contact any one of them and ask them to install this pump for you at your required place. They would charge a little fee and do it for you perfectly and efficiently.

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