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Water Seeping Through Concrete Slab | DIY Guide with Plumbing Tips

Do you know what does it mean by water seeping up through a concrete slab? Have you ever heard about water seeping up through a concrete slab? Have you ever experienced this in your home or in your friend’s home? No? This article would help you in knowing the details regarding water seeping up through concrete floor.

In simple words, it means that there are some breakage areas in your concrete slap which are allowing the flow of water, the water may flow from the inside of floor to the outer surface through slabs. If your concrete slabs are facing this issue, must go through this article to know about solutions and necessary precautions.

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Why it is important to look for any slab leaks in your concrete floor?

It is very important to look for any slab leaks or water seeping-up through concrete slabs due to many reasons. On top of them is the concern that the water which is seeping up, may badly damage your floor. Furthermore, there are chances that the fungus may grow into your slabs or in your floor.

If you have covered your concrete floor with carpets, then it is even more dangerous. This is because the water under carpets would flourish the fungus and bacteria over it. As a result, you may become prone to develop a number of skin issues or allergies such as athlete’s foot.

What are the signs/causes for water seeping up through concrete slab?

There are a number of signs or causes for water seeping up through concrete slabs. For example, you wet or damped carpets would reveal that there is some issue like this. Furthermore, your wet concrete slabs will indicate that there is some underground water issue.

The leakages in your home pipes may become one of the reason behind this. The nearby gutters or accumulated rainwater or standing water near your house may be one of the reasons.

Why it is necessary to take an immediate action if the slab leaks?

It is critically important to take immediate action because of multiple reasons. First of all, if you let water seeping up through concrete slab, it would affect the nearby slabs. It would also result in damaging the upper coating of your concrete slabs and floor. As a result, your slabs and floor would start looking messy and more damaged due to continuous exposure to water.

Furthermore, there are chances that the germs or fungus may grow on damp concrete slabs. They would make you more prone to health or skin issues. In order to stay safe from all these issues, it is very important to take immediate action or implement the recommended measures.

What should I do to stop water seeping through concrete slab?

If you see water seeping up through concrete slabs in your home, make sure you implement the following measures.

  • Thoroughly check the drainage pipes and if there is any leakage of water, correct the leakage points through plumbing techniques. It is better to hire a plumbing services as they would do it more accurately than you as they are professionals.


  • Once the drainage or sanitary pipes are totally fine, check any other water sources under your concrete slabs. Make sure you resolve all the water leaking issues so that your slabs would not be exposed to water again.


  • After that, buy a concrete slab fixing compound or cemented/silicate compound from market. Bring it home and prepare the mixture. Fill in any gaps under and between the slabs as well as their joining parts.


  • After that, apply its thin layer over the slabs and completely fill any leakage or breakage points.


  • Once you are done, let it dry and don’t step over it for at-least 12 hours.

What to do if the issue still persists after taking recommended measures?

If you are done with the procedure but the issue still persists, then it is important to contact with some plumbing service. It is because sometimes, we are unaware of the actual problem/issue and the whole procedure fails. In some other cases, the water is seeping up through the concrete slabs due to more than one reason.

You may be unaware of the other reason and just focusing on one reason. In such situations, you would only apply the procedures for the one cause. The water would still seep up through concrete slab from other cause/source and thus your all efforts fail. Therefore, it is very important to carefully figure out from where the actual problem is arising and then apply the procedure.

Why it is important to hire a plumbing service for stopping water seeping up?

Sometimes, it becomes important to hire a plumbing service because of a very important reason. The reason is that they are professionals and can handle the problem very well than you. They are aware of such issues and have experience in dealing with such issues on daily basis.

Once they provide you a service for some issue, the results are 100% guaranteed. On the contrary, if you do the procedure by yourself, the results are not guaranteed. You may end up wasting your money, and time. Therefore, always look for a professional if you have no experience in this field or unsure about how to do it.

Does hiring a plumbing service cost me more?

Hiring a plumbing service would not cost you more at all. There are a number of companies that are providing such services at the very affordable rates. Not only their rates are affordable, but their staff is experienced and professional. Furthermore, they ensure 100% results and if you find any issue, they also provide you after-sale service.

It means that once they are done with performing the solutions at your home, they would come again if you find any issue. Therefore, hiring a professional service to resolve water seeping up or concrete slab/floor related issues is always recommended. As for the sake of your home’s beauty, you cannot escape from its maintenance.

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