Push Fit Plumbing Problems | Ensuring A Leakage Proof Installation

 push fit plumbing problems

Any plumbing repair can scare a diver, especially when it involves repairing or connecting pipes. Anyone can learn how to solder copper with proper instructions. It can be a challenge in real-world repair situations (and given the potential dangers of open fires).

Theoretically simple, but in narrow areas it can be difficult, confusing and slow. The Push Mate accessory an easy to install alternative that saves a lot of time and hassle.

You know what? Over the years, push technology has become increasingly popular, as many manufacturers join the game. We only offer premium original John Guest Shark Bite, Probability and Push accessories.

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How do they work?

All the pushes fit into the work using three main elements. One equipped with a ring of metal teeth, firmly holding in the pipe, one or more O-rings. By creating a waterproof seal and a locking mechanism that holds everything together. Fittings designed for use with cpvc, pex and hardened copper pipes (types k, l, m).

Most are incompatible with soft copper pipes. Except for John Guest fittings (soft copper easily deforms and does not restore shape, so it is difficult to achieve good sealing). Smaller John guest accessories can also be used with vinyl. As second option polyethylene pipes for water filters and refrigerator ice machines.

In addition to basic accessories such as couplings and T-shirts. The thrust valves and gauges, supply kits and even irrigation accessories. You can also find fittings with various types of connection, such as IPS/NPT threads. For quick installation of shower valves and pipes, water heaters, etc.

The convenience of pushing the fit is really high – the cost of the push accessory per piece is much higher than the other options. The 1/2″ push fit connector will work between $4-$8, while its copper or cpvc counterparts will be less than one dollar. Of the reviews, those who decide to use them feel. The cost is compensated more than with ease of installation and time saving.


A strong suspicion of air, especially when it comes to a hidden or permanent installation. Emergency temporary repairs (which are very suitable) are a popular among pipelines. A growing challenge for people who use technology in a variety of applications.

Much of the skepticism surrounding the adjustment is related to its apparent lack of performance records. Although not as long as copper welding, they have been building a decent foothold. DIY market for decades: John Guest accessories widely used since the 1980s.

The shark bite system was released recently – around the mid-2000s. You received the faithful support of the flyers, as well as official nod from many cities. Which allowed its use throughout the plumbing system.

Another reason for doubt lies in the technology itself – many plugs believe that steel teeth and O-rings alone can not create a safe and durable connection. Simply push the pipe into the fitting feels a little skeptical compared to the behavior of internal organs using open flame welding.

Similarly, the appearance of welded joints can inspire more confidence than bulky plastic or brass. But this is just the appearance – there is no evidence that the failure rate of thrust fittings is much higher than anything else in the arsenal of plumbers. Adding copper and cpvc, welding and glue is always the best thing, but there are skill levels and situations where quick and simple things are of great help.

Think of something… Still wondering if you should rely on push adjustment? Consider this: Shark Bite and John Guest Accessories has a 25-year warranty; Concept Accessories carries up to 75 years warranty.

Installation Tips

  • Always use a good sharp pipe cutter and pipe cutter, never use a black saw. The most important thing you can do is to have a clean and smooth cut, without burrs, and keep the shape of the pipe. This prevents damage to the O-ring and ensures a tight seal.


  • Emergency? A tight schedule? Pipes do not need to dry to successfully install the thrust fittings. Just close the water at the nearest stop, drain as much as you can from the nearby outlet and start working!


  • The depth of its insertion is specified by the manufacturer and varies depending on the size of the pipe. sharkbite makes it a convenient depth meter of fittings (in addition to the deburring tool), but you can also check the packaging or the manufacturer’s website and mark the pipes accordingly. Having this reference helps to avoid partial inserts and resulting leaks.


  • Push is suitable for accelerating, but not too fast – quickly clogging the pipes in the fittings is a good way to damage the O-ring. Turn the pipe slowly but firmly when inserted into the proper depth.


  • The “Twist and Lock” fitting (like most John Guest) nut on the end, which must be manually tightened to fully secure the fitting (and “unlocked” to insert the pipe). Push “standard” fits like a shark bite and concept without this feature: just insert the pipe and you’re done.


  • When using pex, you need to make sure you use a special plugin to prevent the pipe from collapse. sharkbite and proite comes with a plugin already inside the fixture; all you need to do is push the tube into. At the end of the pipe (s).

Professional Tips and Options Available

  • Once the tube is fixed inside the attachment. It can only be removed by pressing the attachment clamp or “release collar” (shark bite). This is a small plastic ring that barely protrudes the end of the accessory. This “ring” is only the outer edge of a larger part. The other end of which is characterized by a small plastic ring of metal teeth.


  • john Guest Clip only needs to be pushed into the fingertip. The shark bite and profited release collar requires a special disconnect tool.  Slide over the pipe, resize and push the collar firmly into the fitting.


  • The optional locking clip can be used to create a safer John Guest connection by avoiding accidental push into the clip. Simply hook between the clip and the body of the accessory for easy rest.


  • Professional Tips: john guest and proite accessories are completely reusable.  The properly installed and are not damaged during removal), so they are more valuable. Sharkbite recommended only for testing (e.g. reuse the lid to check for leaks, test pressure) and never install permanently.

When burying the thrust joints, make sure they are wrapped with chlorine-free tape, insulation or other barriers to avoid direct contact with the floor/filler. The filler should be free of rocks and debris. Most regions. If you are considering a setting for using push in burial or other covert applications, be sure to check with the authorities of your local code first.

You may never see the whole house using a push fit because of its higher cost and lack of enthusiasm for the advantages. But for repair and installation, otherwise it will take too much time, sweat or twist, the use of push fittings can literally save a day!

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