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How to replace old copper pipes and seamless fittings? How to install sharkbite valve on copper pipes? More importantly, can you install sharkbite valve without much money, time or experience in plumbing?

These questions came to me after I noticed an old closed valve of corroded copper on the roof of our basement. In the past, I’ve paid from pipes from $90 to $160 to replace the one-foot portion of the copper pipe.

How to install sharkbite valve on copper?

Yes, you can easily repair copper pipes and shut-off valves with the largest pipe supply ever – sharpened fitting pipe connectors.

Plumbing beginners can use sharkbite pipe connectors and can eliminate the use of plumbing contractors for basic repairs. I love my plumbing, but if I can save a little money for my daughter’s college fund, then I will.

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If you know how to use tape measure, scammer marker and copper pipe cutter, you can install sharkbite valve project.

Start replacing copper pipes

Here are the items you need:

  • Shark Bite Valve
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  • Shark Bite Slip End Accessories
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  • Automatic cutting machine of copper pipes
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  • The Mark Scammers
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  • tape measure
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  • Copper tube

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I promise that this is a simple task “How to install sharkbite valve on copper?” and you will be very satisfied with the result. If you do not have time to do anything else, you should watch the video because it shows How to install sharkbite valve on copper?

Let’s dive.

Removing old shut-off valves, pipes and fittings

  • First, close the water to the house from the water pipes. Then drain the water from the lowest point.
  • I drain water from the pipes by opening the water from the laundry bath, if the pipes you are using supply the outside of your house, you just have to do it in cold water.
  • Take a container that can collect excess water from the cut pipe.
  • The sharkbite attachment requires a 1 inch tube to establish a good connection. Keep this in mind when cutting old pipes and fittings.
  • Even if I just need a 1 inch sharkbite valve, it measures 1 1/2 inch away to the violin to give some extra cushions, Copper tube.
  • The first cutting into old copper pipes is performed using an automatic cutting copper pipe cutter.
  • I like this tool because all you have to do is snap it into the old tube, close the door and turn it until the cut is complete.

Additional Information

  • The water will drain from the old pipe for the first cut. Collect it in a small container.
  • Now it’s time to measure where the second cut should go.
  • To connect the new SharkBite Shut-off Valve to the old Copper Tube, use the SharkBite End Attachment. Such pipe connectors are different from traditional sharks. Slide the copper tube up to 3 inches. Line operation.
  • In my case, the old shut-off valve was trapped between the two swings. Measures 1 1/2 inch away from the first incision of the beam.
  • For the second cut, I will measure and make a second shelf that marked 3 1/2 inch away from the old valve. This ensures that there is enough space for the sliding end accessories.
  • Use the Auto Cut tool to cut the copper pipe in the second brand.
  • Now Use shark bites with old shut-off valves and pipes to remove it in the moment!!!

Use the largest pipe supply ever

  • Find the end of the first cut you make and measure it in 1 inch.
  • Make a mark on the liar.
  • Push the shark bite valve into the copper tube until it snaps to curl up and rinse the 1″ swindler marker.
  • These same shut-off valves can be used for shower mixer valves.
  • Bam! You connected a shut-off valve in less than a minute.
  • The valve rotates freely, so do not panic or worry that the valve is not installed correctly.
  • It’s time to push the sliding end accessories.
  • Look at yourself in the copper tube and measure 1 inch from the second cut.
  • Once again, make a mark to scammers.

Shark bite pipe connectors

  • Push the slippery end fittings into the copper tube until you meet the whirlwind marker.
  • Now measure the distance between the sliding end fittings and the shut-off valve. Add 5 inches to this size. This is the total length of the copper pipe you need.
  • Watch this video to see how easy this whole process is, even for beginners (no, it’s not a typo).
  • All the supplies I use are 1/2 inch copper tubes.
  • My Plumper recommends using L-shaped copper because it has a thicker wall than M-type. You can see the type by looking at the side of the copper tube.
  • One of our fans points out: if your pipes are well grounded, shark bites can spoil the grounding effect.
  • You need to add a copper jumper wire.
  • Connect the jumper wire to the left copper pipe and to the right of the shark bite joint with a clip to make sure the pipe is trimmed again.

Thank you Scott for pointing this out!

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