raised toilet seat with arms and legs

Best Raised Toilet Seats with Arms and Legs with Safety Frame

So you have realized that you need to install a toilet safety product to facilitate access to the bathroom or help prevent falls. Great choice! Research shows that more than 234,000 injuries related to bathing accidents are reported annually in the emergency room. With the help of Raised Toilet Seats with Arms a Legs, you can safe yourself from such problems.

Many risks increase with age. If you are 65 years old or older, the probability of getting injured in the bathroom is three times.

Fourteen percent of bathroom injuries received in the emergency room were related to standing or sitting on the toilet.

There are several products to choose from, which one is best for you? The answer is… Depends! Your doctor, who knows your special needs and conditions, will be the best person to consult, but here is a guide to the advantages and disadvantages of each type of product.

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Raised toilet seat

Lumex® raised toilet seats are designed to provide additional height for existing toilet seats, typically from 3 to 4 inches. This doesn’t sound like much, but since the loss of leg muscle is part of the natural aging process, the extra height makes it easier to stand up or sit down. Maintaining balance is often more difficult due to aging or drugs.

Raised Toilet Seats with Arms & Legs

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Most raised toilet seats have a locking mechanism to secure the seat to the toilet. We recommend doing this, because the raised toilet seat will remain better and move less during toiletries.


Increases from 3 to 10 cm in height to sit and stand more easily.

Some versions come with arms to help balance sitting or standing.

Some have locking mechanisms that fix the seat in place when toiletries


They can make cleaning the toilet more difficult, since it has more clean surface

The toilet lid cannot be closed because the toilet seat and lid must be upright when the raised toilet seat is installed.

Madure Toilet Seat

Like a raised toilet seat, the Lumex toilet seat lift adds 3 to 4 inches in height.

Raised Toilet Seats with Arms & Legs or Madure Toilet Seat

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However, toilet seat holders are more stable, as they are fastened to the toilet with seat screws.


Increases from 3 to 10 cm in height to sit and stand more easily.

The toilet seat and lid can be closed, unlike the traditional raised toilet seat.

You sit in the toilet seat that came with the toilet, instead of sitting directly on the raised toilet seat

Physically fastens the toilet with screws, making it more stable than a conventional raised toilet seat.

Some versions come with rails to help maintain balance while sitting or standing.


They can make cleaning the toilet more difficult, since it has more clean surface

Toilet Safety Railing

Lumex Toilet Safety Armrests are attached to the toilet seat and are designed to provide a handle to help balance while sitting or standing on the toilet.

Toilet Safety Railing

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The toilet safety railing does not increase any height, so you may need to use more arm strength than leg muscles to help you.


There are clues to catch and help balance while sitting or standing.

Adjustable track height to suit different user heights.

Physically attached to the toilet with screws, providing more stability


does not increase any height in the toilet, so it is not recommended if you experience muscle atrophy in the legs

Grip rod

Most people think that armrests are installed in the shower or bathroom.

However, lumex handrails installed next to the toilet can be used in the same way as the toilet safety bar.


Physically attached to the wall, therefore, a very sturdy and stable wallets that help to sit or stand on the toilet.


Not suitable for all bathrooms. The toilet must have at least one wall on the side of the toilet, the wall must be at the correct distance from the toilet to ensure a comfortable grip on the bar

It’s more of a permanent installation of a safe track than the toilet

Installation is more difficult. We recommend that you install it by someone familiar with the construction of walls to make sure that the product is installed on at least one wall bolt

Another thing to keep in mind — who will use the toilet?

If you share the toilet with a spouse or someone else, you may not need or want to install the product on or near the toilet. For example, the installation of a raised toilet seat can help a person, but by making the seat too high, the spouse’s feet do not touch the floor, poses a danger to the spouse. In case, you may need to compromise and install toilet safety bars or handrails.

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