how to unclog a drain with standing water

How to Unclog a Drain with Standing Water | How to Fix Guide

The Shower drain gives us warning signs when it becomes ineffective. The water drains slowly, and you notice water covering your feet. The bathroom is filled with a smelly odor that’s very uncomfortable. After several days the pipe drain is blocked, and you have no idea on how to unclog it. Every wonder about How to Unclog a Drain with Standing Water without pro plumbing skills.

The first idea is to call the plumber. It is expensive and time wasting because you can unclog the pipe by yourself. First, you have to know what could have caused the tube to block. Identifying the cause will be easier for you to find a quick, effective solution.

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Causes of Blocked Shower Drains

1) Hair

When shaving the pubic hair, we let it wash away through the shower pipe. Bathing some hair break and also it drains through the shower drain. When the hair combines with the soap grease, it sticks on the tubes. As more hair sticks, it creates a narrow path for the water thus blocking any further passage.

2) Dirt

Have you ever thought about all the dirt that goes through the shower drain? All the body oils, dust, and soap. The dirt usually builds up, and as a result, the pipe gets blocked.

3) Minerals

We have learned how minerals build in metal pipes in our chemistry classes. The minerals create a wall in the pipes, and it causes a narrow passage for the water.

4) Soap

The traditional soap is manufactured with fat. We know that grease condenses immediately when on a cold surface. The build-up later causes the shower drain to clog.

After discussing the causes of the shower, drain clogging let us check the easiest ways to deal with the problem

1)Pour Boiling

It is the easiest method to unblock a shower drain. The first step, boil water in a kettle or stove till its simmering. Use a funnel to control the water and reduce any spillage to prevent from being burnt. Pour slowly and pause for several seconds. When soap and grease are the primary cause, they will dissolve quickly. When it is hair that is the cause, then it will unblock partially. Then you have to result to another method.

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2)Use a Plunger

A plunger will use the suction pressure to dislodge the blockage material. Apply petroleum jelly on the edge of the suction plunger to create an effective air seal. Plunge several times profusely. Make sure that there is a pool of water on the end of the plunger. The water will drain weaken blockage material after the exercise is done. There is minimal cost used, and time thus you will be happy with the results.

3) Use a Baking Soda Together with Vinegar

We are environment-friendly people. It is good for humanity to use chemicals that do not cause harm to the soil. Vinegar and baking soda are natural chemicals. The chemicals do not cause damage to the pipes. There are two ways to pour the above chemicals through the drainage pipe.
First, Mix equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda in a measuring container. It has an effervescence effect thus no time should be wasted in pouring the mixture in the drain. The hair and grime that has stuck in the pipe should be washed away within hours. Later pour hot water to clear the pie.
Second, pour baking soda first in the shower drain. After a few minutes pour equal amounts of the vinegar. Use a flashlight to see if the hair and grime are dissolved. Later pour boiling water to finish the job.

4)Use a Bent Hook

It is the most simple and effective method I have used to unclog my shower drain. Get a cloth hanger and straighten it or a piece of wire. Create a fish like hook on the wire that will smoothly go through the pipe. Remove all the hair in the pipeline. Be careful not to push the clogged material further down the pipe. After finishing pour hot water to dissolve the grease that has built up.

5) Use a Drain snake or Plumber snake or Toilet jack or Electric eel

The drain snake is a long flexible metal rod which is spiral shaped. The metal rod is not the typical equipment that is lying in the house. It is mostly used by professional plumbers, and you can get it in the local stores or online. You will push it through the shower drain as you are twisting it. It goes collecting and unclogging the pipe. When you pull it out, you pour water to see the flow of the water to make sure all the hair and grease is removed.

6) Use Artificial Chemicals

There are several warnings why you should not use the artificial chemicals. First, the compounds are corrosive thus will damage your shower pipes. Second, Mixing several chemicals can produce dangerous gases and very harmful when you inhale. When you buy the cleaning chemicals, use separately. Read the instructions carefully on the usage. Using chemicals is affordable and will dissolve the clogging dirt including hair quickly.

7) Use Dish Detergent

When you check the shower drain and no hair has clogged the pipe use a dish detergent. If there is any small hair remove it with your fingers while wearing gloves. Then pour the dishwater detergent followed with hot water to dissolve the soap or grease.

One method may not work; thus you have to use two or more processes to unclog the pipe. When it becomes difficult for you to unclog, seek help from a professional plumber to unblock. The conduits may be damaged or clogged beyond repair, so it is better to change them. We know prevention is better than cure. After you undergo through the ordeal of unclogging you want to minimize the pipe blocking again. Buy a drain protector to catch hair to prevent it from going through the pipeline. Frequently pour hot water down the drain to remove the grease depositing in the pipe.

AHS Plumbing Coverage

Many plumbing issues involve stoppages and clogged drains or pipes. If all of your DIY efforts don’t work, stoppages in the sink, bathtub, shower and toilets may be covered by an American Home Shield plumbing warranty depending on the cause. When you encounter a covered plumbing problem, no matter how big or how small, contact AHS for help.

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