How To Unclog a Toilet Fast When The Bowl Is Full | Pro Plumbing Tips

Getting up in the morning, marching the kids to school and spending 9 plus hours at your office. Isn’t is enough work for anybody with a normal clock. And having a toilet that’s blocked in the morning is something that you don’t want to experience. Especially when you are stuck with a busy schedule on a daily basis.

Actually, there are many traditional ways of unclogging a toilet that is being used by homeowners for many years. Although it sounds funny, there are even methods that are being followed down through generation. When it comes to different methods of unclogging our toilets.

But the common problem with these kinds of traditional methods is that nowadays. We don’t have extra time to do all of these rituals as our parents did. I’m not sure whether you will agree with me on this. But if you do, then you definitely need to know how to unclog a toilet fast. We can get on with our lives and get to our usual schedule without spending much time in the bathroom unnecessarily.

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Who has all the insider knowledge on cleaning and unclogging toilets?

And yes, unclogging the toilet on your own is a great idea. But from where can we get information about unclogging toilets quickly and easily?

This is where we can use some useful tips from the professionals on this job. You guessed it, it’s the plumbers I’m talking about. These guys are the ones who know how to unclog a toilet faster than any other average ancestor we have left in our family.

They have come up with these easy tricks mainly for two reasons. One is to do the job and get back to other work as quickly as possible. And the second reason is that even though it’s a part of their job, they don’t want to stick around in a place. Its surrounded by a lot of poop of other people. So, it’s fair enough for them and we can’t blame them. And the best part is, we won’t be needing their help today because.

Number one is I’m going to share these tips and tricks that are being exclusively used by professional plumbers for free. And number two is that you are dealing with your own crap that’s clogged in your toilet right now, unlike those plumbers out there who are cleaning up other people’s wastage.

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You will love the techniques I’m about to share if you hate using a plunger because these tricks do not need a plunger, to begin with.
But I don’t want you to get too comfortable with this method because there could be a slight chance where you will need to do a little bit of plunging in case if this doesn’t work. Anyways the chances of these techniques failing are pretty rare because I have seen really positive results almost all the time whenever I use these methods.

Walk up to the toilet and get ready for positive results fast

Just Grab a bucket of hot water and a bottle of dishwashing liquid and you are ready to do some serious damage. Well, the damage here will not be to the toilet bowl, but to whatever that’s blocked in your toilet.

Let’s hope that your toilet has not come to a stage where it has water overflowing at the moment because we will be adding more liquid to the existing water that’s in your toilet right now.

Therefore, in case if your toilet is full with liquid or if you think that it will overflow if we add more liquid. Then you may have to remove that excess water before moving further.

Let’s see how to unclog a toilet fast by executing the secret tips used by plumbers

I have three techniques that will unclog the toilet bowl quickly without engaging in various types of messy activities as we are used to in the past.

The first step is opening up the lid of the toilet tank. Then stick your hand in and reach inside of the tank until you find the flapper. Once you find it, immediately close this flapper to prevent the water running down to the toilet. You can close the lid now since work with the toilet tank is over. Now we are ready to go on with our golden tips used by professional plumbers. But, please do not skip the first step as it will help in case if there is a water leak from the tank into the bowl as well.


Get that bucket of hot water and pour it straight down into the toilet. Caution- do not use boiling water for this as it could damage the porcelain. This hot water will break down and dissolve any hard material that’s blocking the way. Flush it once and check whether it’s flushing smoothly. If this is not working don’t worry, we have another solution to it. Let’s look at the second tip.

step 2

the second tip requires you to go to the kitchen and get your dishwasher. But if you can’t find a dishwasher in your home “which is quite unlikely” just use a shampoo bottle you use on your hair and it will work the same way.

And surprisingly if you can’t find a shampoo bottle in your home, you can use any hand wash for this job. And again, whatever you use, may it be dishwashing liquid, shampoo or hand wash, all of these will help to unclog the toilet fast just like the hot water we used before.

All of these household soaps helps to melt down material that’s blocked in a toilet, which is great when it comes to unclogging a toilet really fast. You can leave it there for a few minutes and flush it again.

If the toilet seems unresponsive to the second tip as well. Just repeat these two steps all over again and it will start melting whatever that is being clogged as it will really help to unclog a toilet fast.

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