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How To Prevent Poop From Sticking To Toilet Bowl | Pro Plumbing Tips

Today, a lot of people are wondering how to prevent poop from sticking to toilet bowl. The reason why people are usually wonder about this is because keeping bowl clean is an important factor for one to stay healthy. This primary reason for this blog post is to provide you with the way to keep your bathroom clean. We all probably know that toilet bowls contain a myriad of bacteria pathogens, which are the real bacteria.

If our toilets are not well taken care of, we will inadvertently create conditions that allow bacteria to harm the health of our families. Not only do the toilets need to be cleaned regularly, but also need to pay more attention to cleaning the sink. You should know that the toilet bowl is no less dirty than the toilet if you do not clean it periodically.

This post will put you through how to clean the toilet in a simple way and easy way so that your toilet will always clean and bright more than ever before. However, before we go further, there’s something you need to know.

The clear water tank is the first place where you need to clean and  then go to the bathroom, because it contains many harmful bacteria and stains due to minerals in the water for a long time. Dirt and mildew are also imitating, developing constantly if you forget to come to the tank.

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How to prevent poop from sticking to toilet bowl

Tip 1: Use Coca Cola

Yes, you can use Coca Cola as how to prevent poop from sticking to toilet bowl. However, before you starting using Coca Cola to bleach, the first thing to do is to turn off the source of water to the toilet. Having done that, proceed to discharge the water in the tank located above the tank, then you take all the water left in the tank with sponges. Prepare a 1.5 bottle of Coca Cola to ensure enough water can rise to the stain on the toilet wall. The next thing is pour your Coca Cola juice into the toilet and soak for sometimes.

The best time to do this should be in the evening and overnight. This will help the process of carbonic acid in Coca Cola drink yellow to stains in the toilet.

What to do in the morning is just open the water supply valve and rinse all the Coca Cola juice. You will see that your toilet will be clean and brighter after removing the stain yellow stain. However, in some cases, yellow stains are more likely to stick out of the toilet bowl so you can soak Coca Cola colostrum more than once to get rid of stains.

Tip 2: Use a Plunger

Are you wondering if this will help you prevent poop from sticking to toilet bowl? The plunge is the fastest and of course the cleanest way of unclogging the toilet. Many people have used it and it has worked for them. If you have tried with the brush and it didn’t work, now, it’s time you try with a plunger. The plunger should be wide enough to make a vacuum into the aperture of the toilet.

After you make sure that you have the appropriate plunger, grab it and move slowly up and down until you make a vacuum. Then you can raise the speed of the movements gradually.

Tip 3: Use Pumice Stone

Yes, pumice stone has been recommended as one of the way how to prevent poop from sticking to toilet bowl. Breaching the toilet is very simple with pumice, you just go to the grocery store or sanitary ware shop to buy a lump of stone to be ready to fly away stain yellow stain.

Now, how do you use pumice stone in the toilet, to begin this process you should wet a portion of the pumice stone and then use the wetted part to rub it against the stain on the toilet seat. When you’re doing this, it will cause a loud cry but it will not harm the porcelain of the toilet. The yellow stains will be completely removed to restore the glossy while surface to the toilet.

Tip 4: Pour Baking Soda

As I said earlier, if you tried the Coca Cola and if didn’t work as expected, you can try some baking soda. There are two ways to using the baking soda and it depends which additional item you have in your house.

  • Vinegar
  • Plastic Foil

The way with vinegar assumes pouring the soda into the toilet first, after which you will gradually add vinegar. Those two makes a chemical reaction that foam so you should be careful with adding the vinegar. Pour the vinegar until it stops foaming and flushes the water afterward, it should be enough to dissolve the poop.

The way with the plastic foil represents the upgraded way with hot water. You should pour the warm water firstly, and add the baking soda.

If you add boiling water, baking soda won’t react. So, add the warm water, pour soda into, and wrap the toilet into the plastic foil. Wait for an hour, and flush the toilet after. The way of vinegar is faster, yet in case you do not have vinegar, the second way will serve equally.

Tip 5: Use Chemicals To Unclog

If you already have some chemicals in your bathroom, you shouldn’t worry about disintegrating the poop, since the chemicals are strong enough to unclog the toilet that has been clogged with harder dirt than poop. The only flaw of the chemicals is the time that needs to wait for the disintegration of the poop.

The time that is needed for the disintegration of poop depends on the product you have.

If you do not have, I can recommend these for you…

  • Drano Max Gel Clog Remover

This one works quite fast; it needs 7 minutes to disintegrate even the toughest clogging in your toilet. For the poop, it will work even faster. For only 5 minutes you will dissolve the poop problem. Pour the Drano gel, and wait for 5 minutes, after which you should flush, and the poop will disappear.

  • Liquid Plumr Pro-Strength Full Clog Destroyer Plus Pipe-Guard

This one is harmless to you pipes and you can use it into limitless quantity. Yet, 16 ounces will be enough to disintegrate the poop. Just pour it, and wait for 15 minutes, after which you can flush, and the poop will be gone.

Tip 6: Use Water

This way will need a little bit more patience and your time. Hot water softens the poop and helps its disintegration. This will work only if you repeat the process a few times. pour the hot water from the bucket into the toilet. But If you do not have a bucket in the toilet, and the shower is long enough to reach the toilet, you can draw it above the toilet and then turn the hot water on. Be careful! You can harm yourself with hot water! The pipes from the shower can be too hot to hold. So, it’s safer to use the bucket.

Whichever way you choose, pour the water for a few minutes, until only the hot water remains in the toilet, and then wait for another few minutes to soften the poop. After approximately 5 minutes, you should flush the water normally, and the poop will leave the toilet bowl.

If the poop still remains try with adding some detergent and wait for another 5 minutes until the detergent makes additional softening. After that, you should pour hot water again, wait for another 5 minutes and that flush again.

I told you it will last longer than brush or plunger.

In conclusion, for the prevention of poop from sticking to toilet, usually any invasive treatment, such as snaking, is not needed. You can use usual and non-invasive options such as Coca Cola, Pumice Stone, Plunger, chemicals, baking soda, toilet brush, hot water, etc. these different approaches can be used depending on the situation

If your toilet had previously been clean, there will be no problem for preventing the poop from sticking to toilet. Yet, if your toilet had not been clean lately, it could be a major issue since poop will get along with previous dirt and  make a clogging.

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