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How to Install a Kitchen Sink | Step-by-Step Installation Guide

How to Install a Kitchen Sink?

Can I install a kitchen sink at home? Yes! It is very easy and interesting task to install a sink in your kitchen at home. If you have any previous knowledge in this regard, you would be able to easily install the sink.

However, if you are new here and never done any such task before, then you must need to learn it first. However, installing a kitchen sink at home solely by yourself is not an impossible task. This article will help you in learning about a number of things about installing the kitchen sink.

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How much it cost to install a kitchen sink?

The cost of installing a new kitchen sink varies greatly based on a number of factors. For example, it greatly depends on which type of sink you want to install, its size, color, and features etc. It also depends on the equipment you use during this process.

For example, whether you already have all or about half of the things at home or whether you have to buy everything at once? Furthermore, it also depends on whether you install the sink all by yourself or by hiring a service. Whatever you do, make sure to try to keep your cost lower.  On an average, installing sink in the kitchen may cost you around $350-$500 at a minimum.

What caution I should take during installing a kitchen sink?

It is a very important question, especially for those who are installing the kitchen sink for the first time. Before you start the process, it is important that you must put on the gloves on your hands. Along with it, it is also important that you must wear the glasses onto your eyes.

It is especially important when you are working under the sink and the chances of sand going into your eyes are higher. Therefore, it is important to take care of these things in order to keep your body and eyes protected.

Can I install a new sink by removing the old sink?

Yes! There is no harm in installing a new sink in place of an older sink. If you already have a sink in your kitchen but it is not working as desired or broken, you can consider replacing it. However, it is important that you first turn off the supply of water to the sink and then start uninstalling it.

Unscrew all the nuts, disconnect the pipes and pull it upward from its place. By following a proper method of removing the old sink, you can easily do this by yourself. Once you are done with removing the old sink, you can easily install a new one at its place. The process of installing a new kitchen sink has been discussed below.

How to install to new kitchen sink at home?

Installing a new kitchen sink at home is very interesting task that you would really enjoy doing. This article will help you in learning a step-by-step process to install the sink in your kitchen. Make sure to go through the following steps to carry out this task: read more.Modular Kitchen – Everything you wanted to know


  1. Take measurement of your sink and make the same size hole in the shelf through using shelf cutting machines. Then, place the sink on the shelf to see if it fits on to the hole or not. If it doesn’t fit properly, cut the shelf again according to the required size. If it fits into the shelf, then move on to the next step.
  2. In the next step, make sure you properly attach your sink on your countertop with the help of clips and strainer. Install the faucet and additional component to the sink. In order to do this, apply a small amount of the plumber’s putty around the faucet or drain strainer. Then make sure you firmly press the plumber’s putty against the drain strainer to get it fixed at its place.
  3. Remove the excess putty with a soft cloth and clean the faucets and drain strainer or any additional parts where you have applied it.
  4. Fix the sink on the counter by using a screwdriver to install and fix all the screws in the bottom on the sink.
  5. Make sure you seal all the edges of the sink through using a silicon sealant.
  6. Tighten all the nuts and screws in order to firmly attach the sink. Also properly fix the tap onto the sink along with its controllers.
  7. Attach the water pipes with the sink to ensure the supply of water to it. Tighten all the connections. Once everything is done, turn on the water level and check if the water is coming from the sink tap properly or not. Check all the steps if you face any issues.

Should I hire a service for installing the kitchen sink?

You can consider hiring a service for installing the sink if you think that you may not do it by yourself. If you think that you might end up breaking up the new sink or shelf or any negative thing, then it is important to avoid doing it. In such situations, it is recommended to hire a plumbing service who would do it especially for you. There are a number of companies who are selling such services and it is great to hire them. the reason is that they are professionals and would install your sink in the kitchen in a perfect way.

How much does it costs to hire a service to install the kitchen sink?

The cost of getting the sink installed from an outside service or company varies greatly on the basis of three factors. The first one is the complexity of the fixation or installment of sinks. Some sinks are super easy to install at a specific place while others are not.

The second thing is about which company, you are going to take help? The service charges of installing a sink also varies greatly from company to company. The third factor is your location. At some countries or cities, you can ask a service to hire a sink at economical rates while at some places, it is more expensive.

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