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How to Drain a Toilet For Cleaning – Tips and Tricks That Might Help You

how to drain a toilet for cleaning

Even when the toilet is the most used area of the house, we rarely provide it the most cleaning it requires. Most of us still do not know how to drain a toilet for cleaning, and the cleaning of the toilet always stays a questionable task.

We know that most people do not enjoy cleaning the toilets, and therefore do not want to know how to drain a toilet for cleaning. However, little do we know that most of the germs, bacteria, and diseases can transmit through the toilet seat.

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This situation of not cleaning the toilets can lead us to even more significant disasters and health conditions. Also, the cleaning of the toilet is no rocket science; the method and the process are super comfortable.

As much as you feel disgusted while thinking of cleaning the toilet tank and bowl, you still need to make sure that the cleaning is done right without leaving the bacteria that can harm you in some way or the other.

Whether you are planning to get your toilet repaired, fixed, or changed, you still need to make sure that the toilet is clean, and you also need to know how to drain a toilet tank.

We are here to help you out with the toilet cleaning process, tips for toilet cleaning, and the process of draining a toilet tank. So, let’s get started with the steps for cleaning the toilet.

How to drain a full toilet bowl?

The first thing on the list for how to drain a toilet for cleaning is the draining process. We will also tell you how to drain a toilet tank. Follow the steps below; these steps will make the cleaning process easier and even more precise.

The water supply needs to stop.

While you are trying to drain the toilet bowl, the water supply needs to stop. There is a water supply valve in each toilet. You will find it on the wall beside which you can turn off when required.

As the water supply will turn off, the water will no longer follow when you detach the toilet bowl, and it will not be a mess. Most of the time, when the user is not careful with the valve, the valve breaks, and this turns into an even bigger hustle. So, be cautious while turning off the valve to stop the water supply.

Remove the top of the toilet tank.

Now that the water supply is stopped, you can now remove the top of the toilet tank. To prevent it from damaging, you need to put this top on a towel or a soft surface to make sure it is safe and does not damage.

By removing the tank, it will be a lot easier for you to see if the tank is drained adequately on not. You must be thinking about how to drain a toilet tank. In the next step, you will understand the process for that.

Flush the toilet

Now with the flush knob, you can flush all the water in the toilet tank. If you see that the water is filling up again, double-check the valve or shut off the water supply of the house. Now, hold down the flush knob until all the water is appropriately flushed, and the toilet tank is empty.

Also, you need to check that the valve of water is not leaking. If you are thinking about how to drain a toilet without flushing, we will help you with that as well.

This method will drain all the water from the toilet tank and will leave the toilet tank empty. Now, you can move on to the next step of draining the toilet bowl. The below procedure will help you out for the draining the toilet bowl.

How to drain a toilet bowl?

Here are a few steps to know how to drain a toilet bowl. Your toilet tank is empty already, and now you have to work further to drain the toilet bowl. We will also tell you the tips to get through the situation of a clogged toilet, and how to drain a clogged toilet.

Flush the tank

The first step is to flush the tank and drain the toilet tank. Once this tank is empty, you can now drain the toilet bowl. The below steps will tell you how to drain a toilet bowl.

Prepare for the mess

Even if you close the water supply and make it less messy, there will be some mess and water on the floor. So, it is better to prepare for the mess before. Keep some towels or toilet paper with you to make sure that the floor is nor soaking well.

Pour a gallon of water  

You must feel if this will make the toilet overflow and then how to drain an overflowing toilet, but filling a gallon of water and then pouring it in the bowl will make it easier for you to clean the toilet bowl. Once you have filled the bucket of water, pour it in the toilet bowl. It will drain most of the water in the bowl. But what are you going to do with the residue and the remaining water in the bowl? The next step will take you further with the draining of the toilet bowl process.

Use a sponge

For the residue water, you can then use the sponge to soak the rest of the water in the bowl. The sponge will help you to drain the water completely, and it will leave the toilet bowl completely drained and cleaned from water. Now, you can repair or fix the issues. There will be no more mess or toilet water flowing all over the toilet surface.

How to drain a clogged toilet?

Our next bunch of steps is for learning how to drain a clogged toilet. There is no rocket science in learning the process of how to drain a toilet that’s clogged. The simple

Unclogging the drain

The draining is the next step. First, you need to learn how to unclog the toilet. The toilet can be unclogged in different ways that you need to keep in mind. One is the plunging method, or you can also use other tools. The toilet snake tool can also work for you, but for that, you need to know how to use a toilet snake too.

Use a high-quality plunger to unclog the drain. Or you can see if you can clean any obstruction. If there is an issue of toilet paper, you can unclog the drain by either removing the toilet paper or dissolving it in the drain, and for that, you need to know how to how to dissolve toilet paper in a sewer line.

You can also use the enzyme solution to get rid of the clogging issue. Either you use a plunger or any other solution, make sure you flush it down. Now, you can use the above methods to drain the tank and then bowl.

Clean the toilet tank

There is a method mentioned above that you can use for the cleaning and draining of the tank. You have to start by shutting the water supply. But make sure you unclog the drain before that. Be careful with the valve, and make sure it is not leaking. Also, prepare yourself with the mess, get some towels and toilet papers. The newspapers will work just fine as well.

Now flush the water in the tank before that remove the top of the tank to make sure there is no water left, and you can be assured of the draining process. Once that is done, you can move further with the draining of the bowl.

Drain the toilet bowl

The toilet bowl needs to be drained as well. You can fill a bucket of water containing approximately 5 liters of water. Now, you need to pour that water in the toilet bowl. This can be a splashy process, so be prepared for that as well. Make sure you line your toilet floor with newspapers to avoid the mess and the toilet water going everywhere.

Now, when you pour the bucket of water, most water in the toilet bowl will drain with that water quickly without any hindrance as the drain is not clogged anymore. Now, for the remaining water, you can use the sponge. This will drain and clean more water in the toilet bowl.

Use a Sponge

Using a sponge is the last part of the process. You no longer have to use any other trick or method. The sponge will soak the amount of water present in the toilet bowl, and now you can clean, remove, fix, or change the toilet bowl. From here, you can also move further with cleaning toilet drain pipes.

How to clean toilet drain pipes?

Now, if you know the process of cleaning and draining the toilet tank and bowl, you also need to understand how to clean toilet drain pipes. The toilet drain pipes are a severe category and a territory that you can not reach. If it is not possible physically, how are you going to learn and understand the process to clean the toilet drain pipe?

If you are still wondering. How to clean the toilet drain pipe, you do not have to worry. We will tell you the process for that as well. The process is easy, and there are many possibilities available for cleaning the drain pipes. Below are a few steps and the means to clean toilet drain pipes.

Pour hot water

The first method is to pour hot water. But that is not it. You need to boil some water and detergent in it. When the water comes to boiling, you can then use the water mixed with cleaning soap to clean the drain pipes. Pour the hot water in the toilet bowl and then continue with pour a bucket of hot water without soap. This hot water will unclog the drain pipes, and the soap will clean the drain pipes.

Use a plunger or snake tool

You can use the plunger or the snake tool to drain, unclog, and clean the drain pipes. It is a super easy method that everyone uses, and you can then use the hot water method to clean the drain pipes even more. The plunger and the snake tool require some efforts, but these tools provide the best results. The hot water followed by the unclogging of the drain will clean the toilet bowl, and the drain pipes as well.

Use the cleaning liquids

There is a massive amount of cleaning liquids available in the market. Some of these cleaning liquids are for the toilet drain pipes. Each chemical comes with a set of instructions and precautions that you need to follow correctly to stay safe and for the liquid to give you the best results. You can also use other, more accessible methods. But the strong chemicals for the toilet drain pipes are the easiest method to use to clean the drain pipes, and later, you can flush the chemical for the perfect results. However, make sure the chemicals do not leave a stain or have a reaction.

These are some of the best ways that you can use to clean the toilet drain. Make sure you clean your toilet correctly. Even if you do not know how to drain a toilet for cleaning, the above article will provide you all the details to clean the toilet properly. Also, the above guide will provide you with the process of cleaning and draining each part of the toilet, be it toilet tank, toilet bowl, or toilet drain pipes.

The better you clean the toilet, the easier it will be for you to stay away from bacteria. We use the toilet daily and multiple times, and it is unavoidable. So, we need to ensure that our toilets are clean and do not have the environment that provides the optimal environment for the bacteria to grow and breed.

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