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How to Bend a Copper Pipe

Knowing how to bend the copper pipe round obstacles and use fewer accessories is a good trick. In this project you will learn how to bend a copper pipe bending spring or a pipe bending plumber. Copper pipes bent correctly by bending springs or patented pipe benders, reducing the number of fittings to be used.

Copper pipes correctly bent in two ways. Either use a tool called flex spring, or use a proprietary pipe bender. If you try to bend the copper pipe without one of these tools, it will be knotted.

Twist in any type of pipe reduces the diameter of the pipe, and if the diameter decreases, the flow decreases. The whole system becomes less effective and more easily clogged. Some common question asked by people.

  • can you cut copper pipe with hacksaw
  • how do you bend a chrome pipe
  • how do you coil copper tubing without kinking
  • can you flare hard copper pipe

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Bend a Copper Pipe

This is one of the reasons why the plumber bends the pipes instead of simply cutting the pipes. By putting the bending fittings on the track as an elbow to change direction. The direction of pipe fittings changes very quickly. Which allows the formation of narrow corners. The tightness of these corners reduces the efficiency of pipe operation.

When the water flows under the “straight line” suddenly, it meets a tight, right angle bent.
Since the curve is very compact, the water hits only one side of the fitting, and then omits the corners. This turbulence in the water can cause bubbles, which, if collected, can lead to air blockage.

Air locks can, at best, be a nuisance in the water supply system. In the worst case, they can completely damage the system. Tube benders available in a variety of sizes, suitable for 6mm to 38mm copper pipes hand operated.

What you show here is a multi-tube bending machine and a small tube bending machine.
As the name implies, multi-fold pipes will have many different pipe sizes, while mini-fold pipes will have smaller diameters.

TEKTON 6519 Three-Size Tubing Bender

Micro pipe bender

Micro pipe bender

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Bent copper pipes also reduce the number of accessories used, although this may not make a big difference for DIY enthusiasts, since the cost of 2-day tube benders may exceed the cost of appropriate fittings, it is important for plumbers who can save more than 600 accessories on the over a year.

In addition, like any other system in the house containing many parts, the greater the number of parts involved, the more errors they will be.
If the pipe can be bent to do the work, it is impossible to leak.
If you have accessories running, you can!

Happybuy 16 Ton Exhaust Tubing Bender

Multi bender


Multi bender

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Pipe springs are like this.
Spring goes to the pipes.
Before applying pressure for bending, the spring is placed on the tube, which stops the knot of the tube.

However, you will not see many plumbers using springs, because it is difficult to keep the curved diameter clean and correct.

Pipe springs can be used for pipes with a diameter of 22 mm, but bending 22 mm pipes with a spring is a difficult task that no one of us will try.

pipes 15 mm, bend a spring is good, but do not expect very clean work, and read our project on how to wrap the pipes after!

Ridgid 35245 D1375 1/4 Spring Bender

Bending 15mm pipe with a spring

Bending 15mm pipe with a spring

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It is difficult to bend the pipe with a pipe bender.
Fold pipes is not really difficult, but bending pipes in the right place is a different ball game.
Determine the diameter of the bend and connect it to the place where you want to bend to start and finish, which can only be done by practice, we strongly recommend buying additional pipes for practice.

For expert guidance on how to bend pipes accurately, visit the Student section of the Royal Institution of Plumbing Engineers website.

In this area you will find a lot of information, including how to pull the 90 degree curve, bend curve from 50 mm to 30 degrees, so you can bend the circular vertical pipe with the horizontal pipe you are placing.

Imperial Tool 370FH Triple Head 180 Degree

Pipe Bender diagram

Pipe Bender diagram

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The image shows the pipe benders in progress.

  • We missed something so you can see how it works.
  • The handle (2) opens to keep the hook (1) and the left (3) straight.

Next, the copper pipe placed under the hook through the top of the wheel (5) and remains below. When the handles are joined together, hold (3) that it is attached to one of the handles, pull the tube and bend around the wheel before.

However, if the housing is allowed direct access to the pipes, as soon as you pull the handle, the housing will crush the pipes. To solve this problem, the aluminum molding machine (6) is placed between the hook (1) and the tube, as well as between the stay (3) and the tube.

Model Information

Molded tubes vary in size, length of about 150mm. Now, when you close the handle, the first pushes the tube around the wheel, giving it a perfect curve and no twisting.

Bending copper pipes requires some measurement and precision angle work, so don’t think you can hire a bender to get a perfect job. All the curves shown can be purchased by visiting the tool store below.

Our video sections on “Copper Tubes” and “Bent Copper Tubes” have a variety of films that show how to achieve this useful skill.

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