Maintain Your Water Filter

Why It is Important to Maintain Your Water Filter Regularly

Maintenance is necessary for each product you use at home. In the same way, water filters also require periodic maintenance to perform their function correctly.


If you don’t maintain the water filtration system at home, the quality and purity of the water may suffer. Keeping this in mind, I have prepared this article to guide you on cleaning and maintaining your water filter at home.


How Do Water Filters Work?


There are different types of water filters, from commercial-grade, including reverse osmosis systems, to residential, small faucet or pitcher filters. However, no matter what is size and kind, all water filters function the same, providing you with clean filtered water without impurities. 


Several water filters push the water through mesh and carbon or layered cartridges that filter out the water’s large particles. 


These different types of cartridges come with a life that reduces over the period when they are in use.


Why should you clean your water filters? 


As stated above, the cartridges used in a water filter lose their effectiveness and need replacement.


Otherwise, you won’t get the desire results. 


What happened if you don’t change or maintain your water filter?


Following are some problems that may arise if you don’t maintain your water filter regularly.


1- Hard Water Problem


Hard water is the most common problem faced by households when the water filter doesn’t work correctly. Excessive mineral contents make it hard and lead to several issues such as build-ups on your tap, dry skin and hair, and severe skin infections. 


2- Toxins Break


Polluted water may have harmful toxins in it, so you must choose the water filter carefully. A good water filter with advanced technology can filter out these toxins if it’s properly maintained. However, lead, Mercury and excessive fluoride can impact your health badly. 


You can only get rid of these harmful contaminants if your water filter is working correctly.

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3- Microbes Make their way into the water


Remove Pathogens are the significant reasons to use a water filter, no matter municipality treat the tap water before reaching your home. But if you are using well water, you must take the next step to install and maintain your water filter to stay away from harmful pathogens. 


4- Wastage of Money


Whole house water filters and softeners are costly and can be heavy on your pocket. 


But, this is not a one-time investment; you must maintain them regularly to get clean filter water for your loved one.


If you have installed them but not maintain them regularly, they will waste your investment, and you’ll end up with contaminated water




If you want clean and containment free water at your home, installing a good water filter is not enough; regular maintenance and cartridges change are equally essential to get the desired results. 

We hope you’ll have enough information on why you need to maintain a water filter at home. Still have questions? or want to share your experience, comment below. Thanks!