why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet

Why Is My Poop So Big It Clogs the Toilet? Causes and Treatment in 2021

Why Is My Poop So Big It Clogs the Toilet?

If you have Colon problems and you do not see the doctor, this most of the time will lead to Constipation, which is a classic defect in a toilet. So, when your poop is large and hard, it may clog your toilet. It has many causes; mostly, the consumer has misused the toilet.

We all dealt with hard poops while flushing the toilets. Some blockages can be cleared with simple tools that should be in the house. Others, however, require the service of a professional. In this article we will answer your question that why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet.

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The type of your toilets also plays a role on its clogging. Low flush toilets are considered a great way to lessen water bills. Broken toilets are a big problem for consumers. Even a child poop clogs toilet. Defects not even consciously noticed because the way to the toilet and the function of it is too natural.

As a handyman, you should take a closer look at the bathroom and its role. Only then will you learn how heavily these products are used each time you use the bathroom. In addition, Broken pipes can cause a variety of factors such as corrosion, temperature change, heavy rain, and the likes. Also, when flushing the toilet you need to hold the handle all the way down to have effective flushing in the toilet sink.

Clogged toilets with no plunging can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t act soon to unclog them. Several drainage problems involved when the baths no longer function properly, and the solutions. Therefore, be varied depending on the issues encountered. Observe and determine the problem to get more details on your question that why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet:

Commercially available chemicals can also work, but it is a less ecological and economical solution. On the other hand, if the water drains at a prolonged rate, the plug is already more critical, and you will need some tools and elbow grease.

Is it normal to have big poop?

This is the most asked question that is it normal to have huge poop? What are the reasons? In this article we will try answer your question about is it normal to have huge poop and to get more details on your question that why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet? Sometimes your poop is so significant because you just ate a bigger meal. The 3 year old poop too big and even a child poop clogs toilet.

If you have had a lot of fiber and water (which increases the speed of bowel movements in the bowel), the bowel movements leave your body earlier and in larger quantities.
In other cases, large feces may be of concern. Here are some examples of to describe the answer of your question that is it normal to have big poop:

Constipation: Constipation occurs when you have a chair that is difficult to pass or when you do not give it very often (usually three times or less per week). This can make the chair very large and difficult to move. If you are suffering from it, The 3 year old poop too big and even a child poop clogs toilet.

Megacolon: People with chronic constipation or a history of intestinal obstruction can develop

Encopresis: This is when the large intestine (large intestine) is overflowed. The large intestine retains more stools and can, therefore, mean larger seats. Megacolon can be a complication of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and cause concern. If you are suffering from it, The 3 year old poop too big and even a child poop clogs toilet.

Encopresis: Encopresis is a disease that can occur in children, especially children with chronic constipation. A child loses the ability to smell when there is a large amount of stool in the rectum and ends up making solid stools (often in his underwear) because he does not recognize the sensation of stool. If you are suffering from it, The 3 year old poop too big and even a child poop clogs toilet.

Leftover food, hygiene items, or only too much toilet paper can clog a toilet. For the water to drain again, you must remove the blockage or have it installed by an installer. It is the most reasonable answer to your question that is it normal to have big poop?

What to do to reduce the size of your poop?

If you want to get rid of constipation and the abnormally poops, you need to increase your physical movements, star by a slow walk of at least 30 minutes per day and, you can do plenty of exercises that helps your digestion. As well, you need to follow a healthy diet that include fibers and proteins and get enough water. Finally, the best remedy for constipation is spending more than 12minutes in a squatty potty as recommended by doctors besides to hold good habits.

We hope you find the answer to your question that: is it normal to have big poop? Why is 3 year old poop too big and why even a child poop clogs toilet? .Sometimes its embarrassing to deal with poop, especially if you are a guest and get the toilet flushed from your waste. Thus, now with our tips, you will learn more about the answer of your question that why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet and some advance remedies to solve constipation and how you can get your toilet free again quickly.

How to flush poop that is too big to flush

Why Is My Poop So Big It Clogs the Toilet

bathroom is clogged. This unlock gesture is used to try small covers. If there is not much water in the bowl (stop rinsing, it just passes the toilet).
Pour a small amount of washing fluid into the clogged toilet, then slide a bowl or bucket of hot water over the waist. The strength of the sprayed water helps to remove or break the obstacle by making the washing liquid during the 30-minute wait period that the process permits.
Do not insist on this method of clogging the toilet if it does not work because it only fills the toilet bowl.

Toilet brush and hot water

In the case of minor blockages, it can be sufficient to process the drain with the toilet brush: Push the brush head deep into the pipe and then move it back and forth with vigorous movements.
This is how you can at least clear blockages in the upper siphon area. If the water runs off again, rinse several times. You can also clean the toilet brush in the drain at the same time if a child poop clogs toilet.Even hot, no longer boiling water can solve blockages in the siphon. Caution: Too high temperatures could damage the sensitive ceramic, so always let the water cool down for about a minute.

Vingar and sodium bicarbonate for closed toilets

When a child poop clogs toilet, How to clear the toilet with baking soda? The mixture of baking soda and vinegar will cause a chemical reaction, with foaming, which is quite surprising, but harmless to health.

Close the bowl and leave to act for 30 min before pouring hot water to rinse the pipes. The bicarbonate-vinegar solution will then flow everywhere in the pipes, also neutralizing bad odors.
This is a good tip for clogged toilets that work quite well. Baking soda with vinegar helps remove soap residue and other deposits that have accumulated in the pipes. We advise you to have baking soda at home for these many cleaning benefits!

Closed toilets? the dry – wet vacuum

If you are there, it is that you have a nice cap … Consider using a dry or wet vacuum cleaner for clogged toilets. We agree, but let’s avoid any misunderstanding; do not use an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but a dry or damp model designed to suck up water.
How to unclog a toilet with this vacuum cleaner if a child poop clogs toilet? Absorb the water inside your toilet tank using the water vacuum cleaner. Then, push the handle of the vacuum cleaner into the bowl, and place a pad at the base, to seal the connection around the house. The vacuum cleaner will absorb the deposit.

how to flush poop that is too big to flush

A suction bell (or colloquially often also called “Pümpel”) not only does an excellent job with a clogged toilet but also with other clogged pipes and siphons in the bathroom and kitchen. The Pümpel consists of an elastic rubber bell, which is attached to a wooden stick.
The pump works with positive and negative pressure and best underwater. If the toilet is clogged, simply place the suction cup on the drain with the opening facing down so that it is completely covered.

What to do without a pump

If you don’t have a suction cup in the house, you can also use an empty PET bottle for drinks. Large containers (approximately 2 liters) made of thin, flexible material are best suited.
The bottle diameter must be at least as large as the drain so that sufficient negative pressure can build up. Screw the cap firmly onto the bottle and use a sharp knife or cutter to separate the bottle bottom. Then press the open end onto or into the drain hole and pump as with a suction bell to loosen the blockage and clear the drain.

Vinegar and baking soda relieve constipation overnight

With a little patience, vinegar, and baking soda (the main ingredient in baking soda), you can remove blockages in the siphon without effort. First, pour one or two packets of baking soda into the drain and then pour a bottle of vinegar.
The result is a chemical reaction that you can intensify by adding about 3 liters of hot (but no longer boiling) water. Ensure adequate ventilation, and it is best to leave the mixture overnight. The next morning the toilet should no longer be clogged.

A tool of the professionals: the pipe spiral

With blockages that sit behind the odor trap in the pipe, you often do not get far enough with a pump, toilet brush, and Co. So if the previous tips could not solve the blockage, you need a pipe cleaning spiral, as used by professionals. These spirals are available in various sizes and designs in the hardware store.

They consist of a helical, flexible shaft that rotated by a crank at the rear end. At the front end sits a small tool that is shaped like a gripper or open-end wrench. The pipe spiral is long enough to penetrate into the pipe system and remove deposits and blockages, for example, on a pipe bend.

Final thought about “why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet?”

Have you also had no success with the spiral pipe, did you get the answer to your question that why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet? and the water is still in the toilet? Then it appears to be more persistent or particularly deep-seated constipation.
This can be due to a clogged down pipe, for example. Perhaps the cause lies in a floor of the house under your apartment; in the basement, or even in an urban line.

In such a case, only a professional can help. If you live for rent, you should immediately inform your landlord and ask them to hire a plumber who will get to the bottom of the matter and tackle the root of the problem.

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