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Learn How to install a Toilet Flange: A 10 Steps Guide for Beginners

install a toilet flange yourself

If you feel that the toilet bowl is rocking every single time when you sit down on your toilet bowl, it prevents you from having a positive experience during your poop operation or maybe your peeing session. If you are a person who does not know how to install a toilet flange, generally what anyone would do is calling up a plumber or some sort of toilet professional close to your area. You probably would be wondering to Learn How to install a Toilet Flange, here comes the complete details about this.

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And this is especially true if you are a single mum with a lot of daily work on your list. But when you come to think of it, plumbing is not strictly a man’s job because there are times that we cannot depend on a man or a plumber sometimes due to so many reasons. As you know by now a plumber’s daily wage don’t come cheap, but It’s not just only about the money. These guys can be clumsier than we think.

Finding out a defective toilet flange that needs to be replaced?

So as I mentioned earlier, a wobbly toilet tank is an indication of an error in your toilet flange or may be due to poor plumbing work. Here’s way of finding out an issue in your flange that’s installed in your toilet right now. Check for constant water leaks coming out from the base of the toilet or water coming from the ground periodically for a couple of days.

And if the floor is constantly wet around your toilet area. Then that means it’s time to remove the old toilet flange and replace it with a new one. Let’s do it now. Read this article until the end and you will learn how to install a toilet flange just like a professional.

There is something to take care of before removing the old flange

Yes, there is something that you need to remove before doing anything with the old toilet flange. It’s because the existing flange is at the bottom of your toilet. So in order to expose it, we will need to remove and pull the toilet out by unscrewing the bolts on the two sides at the bottom of a toilet using an adjustable wrench. Once it’s unscrewed you can lift it up and keep the toilet aside

Oh boy! I must warn you though, toilets aren’t as light as we think and some can be pretty heavy. The older models are the heaviest of them all. So, Congratulations if you were able to lift it up and keep it aside safely without hurting your foot.

So now you got it out of the way, you will easily be able to see the iron flange which is fixed into the floor. If you are able to locate a crack or something broken in the flange then aha! This could be the reason your toilet bowl was rocking from side to side. Or even could be the reason you experienced constant water leaks coming out of the ground earlier.

Let’s see how to install our brand-new toilet flange

Yes, we need to install our new toilet flange but that’s not all. We also need to make sure that we make it error free by fixing it properly this time around because we are on our own.

Now that we have discovered the issue or issues of our former flange, let’s see how to install a new flange the correct way by throwing out the old one. Grab a screwdriver and keep tapping onto the old flange with a hammer.

Just be careful not to damage the pipe that’s installed inside. Because this is the pipe that’s connected straight to the floor. Once you feel that the flange is loosened, you can simply get rid of it. You won’t need it anymore as we are going to install a brand new one that’s more efficient.

Let’s start the installation process

Once you have the new toilet flange with you, place it on the floor properly and mark the points where it touches. Now place this new flange again onto the floor and press it down firmly onto the floor, because you need to make it fit tightly.

One thing you need to understand is if you do not install a toilet flange tightly enough. It will cause your toilet bowl to wobble or it may leak from the bottom eventually. Now that you have marked the points where it touches the floor. You lightly hammer off the floor by chipping it with the screwdriver as needed for the new flange to be installed.

Usually, a new flange will come with a rubber gasket. Just place this gasket into the flange and simply push it down firmly. That’s actually Learn How to install a Toilet Flange without calling a plumber or anyone for that matter because technically we have installed a toilet flange ourselves.

Here’s more you can do

Now that we have done the hardest part, Next steps are much easier to follow. It’s time to connect the flange into the toilet back again. Do you remember where you kept your toilet before installing the flange? I am sure you do because it’s hard to miss.

What’s left now is to fix back the toilet to its original place, on top of the new toilet flange we just installed. Remember the two bolts you pulled out off of the toilet? If you have kept it safely. Screw it back tightly by holding the toilet with one hand and screwing it back with the other hand. By making sure that it fits tightly than before.

And there you have it, that’s how to install a toilet flange without the help of a stranger. Who will leave your toilet and your entire bathroom in a chaotic mess after doing their job. And I’m pretty sure that you will thank me later because you just saved more than a couple of hundred dollars. It can be invested right back into your bathroom or even the toilet itself.