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Water Coming in Basement | How To Fix Wet Basement Leakage

Are you facing the problem of water coming up in your basement where walls meet floor? If so, don’t ignore it anymore because it can lead towards a number of serious issues that will be discussed later in this article. You will also learn about how does it come and what you can do to resolve this issue? Let’s start!

How to know that water is coming in basement where walls meet floor? If you have a basement in your home, it is very important that you take special care of its hygiene and cleanliness. It is particularly important to look whether your basement is safe from water or not.

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If water is coming inside the basement, it would be worst for your basement as well as your health. You can easily detect whether water is coming in your basement where walls met floor through the following:

  • Wet Carpets

If your carpets are becoming damp from the corners of your basement, then there must be something wrong. When you see that the corners or your basement carpets are wet, make sure to check under them. The most probable reason for this is that the water is leaking through the walls and making the carpets damp.

  • Tangy Smell

Sometimes, you will start smelling a very tangy odour from your carpets. If it is so, try to figure out from which area of the carpet. If it is coming from the center of the carpet, then it means that there is some leakage through your basement floor. However, if it is coming from the corners of the carpet, it means that there is some water leakage from corners. Due to this leakage, your carpets will become wet and tangy in smell.

  • Fungus or Algae

If you see fungus and algae coming out of your corners of basement or where the floor meets walls, get alert. This is because it means that there is some kind of leakage through the joining line of floor and wall. If so, it will further lead towards causing a number of issues such as skin diseases. Therefore, it is important to resolve this issue if you see it in your basement.

How Does Water Come in Basement Where Walls Meet Floor?

You must be wondering how does water come in your basement where the walls meet the floor? Basically, there are three main reasons behind this which are as follows as:

  • Though Wall Cracks

One of the most common reason behind how does the water come in basement is through wall cracks. You may notice some cracks into the walls of your basement which allows the water coming in. These cracks may appear on the basement wall due to a number of reasons. For example, there are chances that there may be standing water outside your basement walls. This standing water can make its way through walls by making cracks into it.

  • Through Construction Holes

Another most common reason behind this issue is the construction holes. Sometimes, it happens that during construction, the labor fails to completely fill in the gaps. When they fail to properly fill-in gaps or properly cement the walls, the little passage holes left in the wall. Later on, if there is water outside, it will start moving inside and make your carpets wet. Not only the carpets, it also destroys your floor through damaging its upper layer.

  • Through Some Pipe Leakage

Another common reason is that there may be some water pipe leakage near the wall or at the corners of floor. If this happens, the water itself makes its way to come inside the basement. In such conditions, you cannot resolve the issue until you repair your sanitary or drainage pipes.

Why It is important to stop water coming in the basement?

It is very important to repair your basement walls and sides of the floor if water is coming in. The reason is that it could damage your basement floor it the flow doesn’t stop. Not only the floor, it could also damage your carpets and make them smelly and more prone to germs growth. The germs could grow under your carpet and could lead toward the onset of respiratory and skin issues. For example, some people may start developing asthma while others may get skin allergies like athlete’s foot.

How to Stop Water Coming in Basement Where Walls Meet Floor?

There are various ways through which you can prevent water coming in your basement at a point where walls meet floor. Just look at these simple ones:

  • Carefully check and repair any leaking pipe near the boundary where walls and floor met. Resolve the issue of any standing water outside the edges of your basement walls.
  • Fill-in the construction holes in your basement walls through cement or Plaster of Paris. You can also use the Polyurethane caulk for this purpose.
  • Most frequently, the cracks in the walls are the most common reason for the water coming in the basement. Make sure to repair the cracks in your walls, especially at the point where the walls met floor.
  • Another solution is to make your walls and floor water proof so that no water can pass through them. You can either apply the waterproof mixture lining on your walls by yourself or may contact the outside service.

What to do if the issue is still unresolved?

If you have gone through all the corrective measures but the water is still coming up, make sure to evaluate if you rightly performed every task or not. If not, repeat the process. Otherwise, contact with some helping service.

Can I hire an outside service to resolve this issue?

Yes! You can definitely hire an outside service if you feel that you cannot do it properly. If you have never done any home maintenance work before, then it may be difficult for you to repair your basement walls. In this situation, it is more recommended to outsource a service for repairing your basement floor and walls adjacent boundary. You can easily find a number of companies near your home whom you can hire for this task.

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