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Niagara Stealth Toilet Reviews | Pros, Cons and Verdict by Pro Plumbers

The Earth is running out of good water; too much water is wasted all over the world and every day through ordinary toilets that use more than 3 gallons of water per discharge. So much water means millions of gallons are wasted every year around the world. Of course, if you have a toilet that does not save water, you will also suffer high water bills. You probably looking for the Niagara Stealth Toilet Reviews and we did prepared a complete review.

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More than a manufacturer of toilets, the company is better known as a company that makes water conservation a high priority. “We didn’t go out selling toilets, we wanted to save the planet, and now we’ve all done it!” Your website says. In fact, from shower heads and bubblers, to what they do best, toilet, water saving is the name of your game.

Niagara’s focus on the production of water-saving bath equipment is reflected in its high-quality products, which are not only used for the minimum amount of water per rinse.

If you are looking for an efficient toilet that looks very comfortable, check out our Invisible Toilet Review.

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Technical features

Material: Vitreous Porcelain, Metal
Product Dimensions: 28.9 x 18.8 x 28.1 cm
Product weight:  103 lbs
Shape:  Slender
Colour:  white.
Discharge Type:  Silent Toilet
Water consumption: 0.8 square meters
Certification: Water Sense

The main features of the invisible toilet in Niagara,

Materials and design

The toilet is a standard two-piece toilet with a bowl height of 17 inches, so it is suitable for most adults. Made from a durable glass body, the toilet is easy to clean inside and outside because its full ceramic glass prevents scrap from sticking to the surface.

The toilet also complies with the ADA (American Disability Act), which means it can also be used comfortably by the elderly and the disabled.

The water area of the toilet is about 8 x 6 inches. Although other traditional toilets have a large surface area, it can remove any unpleasant odors while preventing stains.

Washing technology

The company is proud of the washing technology of this toilet. Unlike most residential toilets that use gravity feeding methods, such toilets are pressure-assisted rinses.

This is due to the fact that there is an additional air passage between its reservoir and the sewage pipe – the air channel exerts pressure, resulting in the sewage pipe acting as a siphon. Then pull the waste with great power while helping to fill the tank.

Unlike other pressure assisted toilets, but the invisible toilet is very quiet. Niaga has developed a technology that can reduce the noise of rinsing drying. It is a double rinse that can also provide semi-rinse when you only need to rinse liquid residues. Increases the effect of rinsing.

Water consumption

Something we like.

Because Niagara-latrines have unprecedented water-saving technology, having a is a safe way to reduce costs. Here are some more things we like this toilet.


  • The invisible toilet can save up to 77% water compared to other toilets. Only uses 0.8 gpf and keeps container clean after each use.


  • The toilet has a powerful rinsing technology. Uses a siphon system to provide powerful rinsing with less water. Toilet fees are high when it comes to performance and efficiency.


  • Niagara-toilets do not use deflectors, which reduces maintenance costs usually caused by leaks. It has a glass trap, as well as prevents clogging.


  • In addition to the water-saving method, it also has a very quiet rinse. Your tank works silently, so does your bowl.


  • Easy to install and replace parts.


  • It is EPA certified, so it is eligible for discounts.

Something we don’t like.

Based on this review of the invisible toilet in Niagara-you might think that this toilet is perfect. No, it’s not. This is what we don’t like.

  • Its height is quite high and suitable for adults, but it is not easy for children to skip and use it.


  • When your trap is clogged, the toilet may not work. uncover, because its snake-like curve is difficult.


  • The toilet does not have bolts attached to the toilet bowl on the floor. This makes you work back and forth, looking for the right bolt.


  • Some customers complain about quality control. They constantly get broken parts. This makesNiagara and Amazon on-site for their packaging and shipping processes.


  • There are times when it requires multiple rinses to completely clean the container.


  • You need to buy a separate toilet seat and lid.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to install the Niagara-invisible toilet?

Not all parts are included in the package. If you have some plumbing skills, installing this toilet should not be a problem.

Alternatively, you can call your local plumbing to install the toilet for you. You need to pay attention to the fact that the toilet is heavy and fragile, so carefully handle it.

2. Do you use a septic tank system?

For those who have septic tanks, you know that you often try to reduce the amount of water and waste entering the system. This is to avoid frequent drainage. This low discharge toilet can be used septic system because the amount of water per discharge is minimal.

But if you do not have a septic tank system, you can comfortably use urban water and municipal sewerage.

3. What is the size of the toilet?

Measures 28.9 × 18.8 × 31 inches, standard roughing is 12 inches.

4. Is the water depth lower than normal toilets due to water saving?

No, the design of the toilet shows a water surface similar to a normal toilet. The difference lies in the amount of rinsing with water. This is different from the amount of water on the surface of the container.

5. Is it difficult to install due to the unique design?

Most people believe that since it uses air pressure technology, it may require an additional hook or other difficult technology.


According to the features discussed in this review, it seems that the toilet has great benefits and minimal disadvantages. From its beautiful design to its very powerful rinse, with extremely low water consumption, durability and ease of cleaning, it looks like this toilet has all this.

If you want a toilet that will help you save water and provide first-class performance in the coming years, buy a hidden toilet in Niagara-Invisible. It does not come with bolts, seats and covers, but if you can look further, you will enjoy a valuable golden toilet.

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