LED ceiling lights

LED Ceiling Lights, Their Life, Features and Specifications

A ceiling light is a type of lighting fixture that is installed so that it can be attached directly to the ceiling. It is often used as the main lighting because it can illuminate the entire room from a high position. In the past, fluorescent lamps were the mainstream ceiling light lamps, but now LED ceiling lights are becoming more widespread in a form that replaces them. The latest lineup of household flush mount ceiling lights from major manufacturers is all LED types.

As for the fluorescent ceiling light, only the lamp part can be replaced when the fluorescent lamp is burned out (at the end of its life). However, since the flush mount ceiling light has the main body and the lamp part integrated, it is not possible to replace only the LED lamp.

  • Life of Flush mount LED ceiling light

It may seem uneconomical to hear that the lamp cannot be replaced, but the life of the flush mount ceiling light is much longer than that of a fluorescent lamp, so it is considered unnecessary to replace it.

The life of the lamp part of a general lighting fixture is as follows.

LED: Approximately 40,000 hours

Fluorescent lamp: Approximately 6,000 to 12,000 hours

LEDs have a lifespan of 3 to 6 times that of fluorescent lamps, and assuming that they are lit for 10 hours a day, they will last for 8 to 10 years.

In addition, when flush mount ceiling lighting first appeared, it was considerably more expensive than incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps up to that point, and many people said that it was “dark” and “tired from the eyes” in terms of usability. However, in recent years, the price of flush mount ceiling LED lighting has dropped significantly, and ceiling lights have become affordable. In addition, due to improved performance, it can be used with the same feeling as conventional incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and lighting.

In addition, flush mount ceiling LED lighting consumes less power than incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, so utility costs can be reduced. Compared to the 60W of a general light bulb (incandescent light bulb), the power consumption is about 54W for an incandescent light bulb, about 11W for a light bulb type fluorescent lamp, and about 8W for a light bulb type LED lamp. You can see that there is a difference of about 5 to 8 times with a light bulb of the same brightness.

  • Functions of Flush Mount LED ceiling light

By switching the light source from fluorescent lamps to LEDs, ceiling lights are equipped with a variety of functions that have never been seen before have appeared.

  • Flush mount Ceiling light with dimming function

A flush mount ceiling light whose brightness can be adjusted step by step with remote control. The level of luminosity varies depending on the product, but some can be adjusted by at least 3 levels, and in many cases by 10 levels. It can be used according to the scene, such as brightening when studying or working, and dimming the brightness a little when relaxing.

  • Flush mount Ceiling light with toning function

Fluorescent lamps have different colors of light, but they cannot be changed. In that respect, if you have  flush mount ceiling light with a toning function, you can change it to your favorite color according to the usage scene. There are various types of light colors, such as [bulb color / warm white/white/neutral white/daylight color] in the order of bluish-white light from warm orange light. Some flush mount ceiling lights have a function that automatically turns on and off even when you are away. With this function, it looks like you are at home from the outside even when you are away, which is useful for crime prevention.

Scenes suitable for the main color features and specifications


  • Light bulb color: The brightest and finest characters are easy to see. The bluish color enhances concentration and is suitable for study and office work.


  • Neutral white: The color of the light is close to that of the sun, so your eyes will not get tired easily. The color looks natural, so it is suitable for makeup scenes.


  • Daylight color: A color that allows you to relax with warm light. The food looks delicious, so it’s also suitable for eating scenes.
  • Flush mount LED lights up immediately


  • Many people may have felt that it takes a few seconds for fluorescent lights to turn on after they are switched on. In addition, fluorescent lamps are characterized by high power consumption when lit, and it is said that the life of the lamp is shortened each time it is lit. In that respect, the Flush mounts ceiling lights turns on as soon as you switch it, and even if you turn it on and off frequently, it has almost no effect on the life of the lamp.


  • Flush LED Ceiling Lights does not call insects

Do you have an image of insects approaching you when you turn on the lights at night? Fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs contain trace amounts of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet rays are invisible to the human eye, but insects are attracted to light because some species have the property of sensing ultraviolet rays and gathering in the light. The ratio of the number of ultraviolet rays contained in the light is 40 for incandescent lamps, 10 for fluorescent lamps, and 0.2 for LEDs. Therefore, Flush mount ceiling lights make it difficult for insects to collect even at night. Ultraviolet rays can also cause sunburn on important paintings and books. Flush mount ceiling lighting with a low amount of ultraviolet rays is recommended as the light that illuminates your important collection.

  • Where can the flush mount ceiling lights be installed?

Flush mount ceiling lights can be installed in places where fluorescent ceiling lights, pendant lights, etc. were previously installed.

If you have a wiring fixture such as a hooked ceiling or an embedded rosette, you can easily install the flush mount ceiling lights without any construction work.

In addition, a qualified person is required to replace and install the wiring equipment for wiring only or outlet box only. Please ask your nearest electric shop or construction shop.

Lepro LED lights

Lepro  color converter LED lights are often used to decorate your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, cabinet, TV, bar, and even your Christmas tree.

The lepro LED lights is simple indirect lighting that can be used safely with low voltage direct current (DC12V2A). Please be assured that it has been certified by Japan PSE. Uses: Ideal for indoors, kitchens, living rooms, tapioca stores, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, hotels, restaurants, store shelves and showcases, signs, under-shelf lighting, backlights, decorative lights around mirrors, etc.

Lepro LED light has a low power consumption of 24W, and the electricity bill is about one-fifth that of an incandescent light bulb. It is an energy-saving, economical and environmentally friendly product. It is also ideal as indirect lighting for home use.