How to unclog a toilet with a snake

How To Unclog A Toilet With A Snake | Clogged Toilet Repair Using Auger

Having an overflowing toilet puts homeowners in a vulnerable position. Although unclogging a toilet with a plunger is the most widely used method, using a snake to do this could be a better option in some occasions. Because a snake got the ability to bend into different shapes, unlike the plunger. This feature enables it to reach right down into the toilet due to its flexibility.

Let’s talk about the reason why you would use a snake inside a toilet in the first place. Although a clogged toilet isn’t something you experience on a daily basis. It’s a situation that may affect any toile that hasn’t been used for a quite a long time.

And the problem is when it does get clogged, it becomes one of the most unpleasant things to deal with due to the bad fragrances it produces. And the worst part is the smell that comes along with a blockage in a toilet could be harmful to some children who are overly sensitive to smell.

What are the benefits of knowing how to snake your toilet you may wonder? well first of all doing it yourself saves money and secondly knowing how to unclog a toilet with a snake will actually save up your valuable time too.

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Since I will be Using a snake, can I completely forget about plunging?

No, we don’t want to completely ignore our good old plunger as yet. Because if the water seems to drain properly after Some plunging activity, that’s great and that means plunging alone has worked for this job. This is the main reason I do not want you to ignore the plunger completely.

So, as a general rule, even though your gut feeling tells you to snake your toilet first, it’s always a good idea to try plunging first. When it comes to plumbing work, you’ll never know how successful something can be until you actually try it. But unfortunately if this doesn’t work, then you know It’s time to learn how to unclog a toilet with a snake just like the plumbers do.

So, let’s get to work immediately. No matter whether your toilet is overflowing or not, it’s always better to turn the water off first before we begin. A snake is a great tool used by professionals to break down blockages in toilets that cannot be unclogged using only a plunger.

And the best part is, using a snake to do that job is even easier and faster than using a stiff plunger because of its unique snake-like design. But this is true only if you know how to unclog a toilet with a snake the correct way.

But, if you don’t know the right technique, it could get annoying for first-time users. You don’t need to worry because I’m here to guide and help you on using a snake correctly. So, let’s see how to snake a toilet just like a plumber.

How to get the best snake for our toilet job?

Just walk to the nearest hardware store and ask for a plumber’s snake. This is where it could get a little bit trickier than going down to the store and asking for a plunger. The problem is that some people would freak out if you say that you need a snake and might assume you are trying to prank them, thinking that you are looking for a real snake.

This is not a time for jokes and misconceptions since you could be dealing with a toilet crisis here. And if that happens, you can use the word Auger instead of saying that you need a snake and you will be able to get the right plumbers tool for the right job without unnecessary confusion.

First of all, select a snake with a proportionately small head as this is probably the first time you are using it and the smaller headed snake will be easier to handle. But if it’s not your first time and if you feel that you are dealing with a much severely clogged toilet, then I would suggest you go for a bigger head instead of going for that smaller one.

Usually, the snake has to be long because it has to be able to reach all the way down to your toilet, which includes the length of the curves of the toilet as well.

How to unclog a toilet with a snake by turning it rapidly both ways

Now that you have selected the right snake, it’s time to start unclogging the toilet with it. Stick the snake right into the toilet where you put the plastic side into the hole.

So, make sure to put a good amount of the plastic handle into the toilet’s hole before pushing in the metal part. This is how you do it. You can hold the plastic handle with one hand and push the metal snake. From the other hand until it reaches the bottom of your toilet.

If the plastic handle is at the top, then it’s a good job because that means the snake has gone all the way down to the bottom and have reached its limit. Now you can hold and squeeze the handle for a good grip and start turning the snake in one direction at a rapid pace.

But you don’t need to push the snake with too much force. They meant to reach the bottom of your toilet without much effort from your end. As a general rule of thumb, you can start turning the snake clockwise for some time.

And then start turning it anticlockwise afterward. This turning action of the snake from side to side is what does the trick of clearing out the debris. And this will also break down all those solid material that has been clogged inside your toilet for days.

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