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How to Unclog a Toilet that’s Backing up Into the Bathtub? A Guide to Fix It

How to unclog a toilet that’s backing up into the bathtub?” Maybe it happened on a long night when you decided to jump into the shower. As your stress begins to decrease, you notice that you are standing in the water up to the ankle. It is still increasing – all of a sudden, what should be a way to relax. A new stress factor in your life wondering why you can have water back to the bath.

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Since the kitchen and bathroom are high-traffic areas for most homes, most people depend on their own pipes to work properly, day after day. When any part of the bathroom suddenly fails, it causes a large break in daily work.

This is a relief when there is an easy solution to the problem. Unfortunately this is often not the case when it comes to water backing to the bathroom. The most likely culprit of this particular plumbing problem is the blockage of its main sewer pipe.

The main problems, in fact the health problems for everyone living in their home. These problems can not be diagnosed or solved by ordinary owners by means of their own hands.

What Causes Sever Clogging?

The clogging of sewer pipes actually considered an emergency of pipes that requires immediate attention. They often cause sewage or even raw sewage to be poured into domestic pipes. If this happens, no one use pipes at home until the problem is solved.

Because unproduced sewage and sewage pose a health risk for you and your loved ones. If the clogged main sewer is the cause of the bath or other related plumbing problems. On the other end if you only suspect that this may be the cause. The best way you can do this is to call a reputation duster to assess the problem as soon as possible.

Plumbing can perform video inspection of pipes and sewer lines to determine the location and type of lock. So that they can recommend the best and safest solution. What other pipe scenarios can you find as a homeowner, and what should you do if you are in these dilemmas?

Read on for more information on what to do with the water from the bathroom sink. From the bathtub if your toilet and drain are clogged.  If the water from the kitchen sink in the bathroom is a big problem, and what can happen if your shower and toilet are simultaneously clogged.

How to unclog a toilet that’s backing up into the bathtub?
How to uncover the toilet and toilet drain

If your toilet is clogged or the water slowly drains after the shower, this is usually not a plumbing emergency. However, if you are experiencing multiple pipe problems at the same time, most likely, you are to blame for the clogging of your main sewer pipe.

Some warning signs that may indicate blockage of sewer pipes include:

  • After rinsing the toilet, excess water in the shower or bath.
  • After blisters or rises in your toilet, runs the bathroom sink.
  • When running the washing machine, water appears in the shower cubicle or in the overflow of the bathroom or toilet.
  • You will notice the unmistakable and unpleasant smell of raw sewage coming from your drains.

If you suspect a problem with your main sewer, you will want to immediately call a licensed plumper to see it. Better yet, try to find a company that uses video technology to solve drainage problems. The serious plumbing problems require special tools and experience.

Better call pro that risk makes one of the many common pipe errors that can cause damage to your pipe and additional time and expenses.

Reasons behind Unclogged Bathtubs

Unfortunately, backing up the sewer can cause massive damage to walls, furniture, electrical systems and floors in your home, as well as their attribution. What could cause this type of pipe problem? Although there are many reasons, the following are the most common:

  • Aging systems are responsible for at least a part of the 3% annual increase in the volume of sewer backup. Growth has put more pressure on the 500,000 miles of sewage pipes that have been in the United States for more than 30 years.


  • Multi-purpose pipelines can be overloaded if they have to treat excess rainwater and untreated wastewater during heavy rains, causing waste water to discharge into low-lying drains and basins.


  • Roots and bushes can break down sewer pipes and pipe joints, as they grow and seek underground moisture.


  • The main obstacles to municipal health can occur if your city is a major obstacle to health. In most cases, these problems do not occur overnight, there are usually warning signs of problems, so this occurs rarely.

When the Water Poured in Bathtub

If you are using a bathroom sink, then find quiet water from the bathroom sink. Again this is a sign that something can block your main sewage pipe. To understand the range of sewer blockages, it helps to understand how your sewer is connected to the main sewer.

Each drain in your home is hooked to a central drain, runs homeless, and connects to your city’s sewer system. All drains in your home, including kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers and bathtubs.  As well as those in the utility room, are interconnected.

This can be a more localized problem when you only have a toilet or sink.  In your house is clogged, indicating a simpler repair. But when it is clogged in multiple areas at once. for example, it is not only your bathroom sink is affected, but the bathroom. When your toilet is backed up every discharge, this is a sign that the obstacle may be on the main sewer line. This line runs underground, and when it is clogged, repair can be quite extensive and expensive.

kitchen sink backing up into bathtub

Water From The Kitchen Sink Backing Up Into Bathtub: DIY Or Call A Pro?

Make a backup of water from the kitchen sink to the bathroom: DIY or call a professional?
The discovery of water from the back of the kitchen sink to the bathroom can be quite shocking. This is another clear sign of the main blockage of the sewage pipe, and your best way to do this is to immediately call a plump to check your pipes and sewers to find the source of the obstacle and determine the next steps.

As we have mentioned, sewer pipes are sometimes clogged because the roots have grown in the pipes, or the pipes have been stale, cracked or collapsed. These conditions are sometimes the responsibility of the owner of the dwelling and sometimes fall under the jurisdiction of the municipality. General responsible for access from home to any part of the sewer side of public law. The owner has the option to purchase additional insurance to avoid any costs associated with sewer backup.

owners can take a number of steps to reduce the likelihood of blockage of the sewer:

Do not throw anything but toilet paper into the toilet – do not put face towels, women’s products, wipes (even those that are said to be removable), cotton balls or swabs or anything else. The only way to rinse with human waste is toilet paper (try not to use or rinse too much in one place. Time!).

Do not pour grease into the drain of your kitchen sink, or anything too strong. Fats and fats harden as they cools and accumulate over time to create an obstruction.

Do not throw too much into the garbage disposal at once. Insert only a small amount at a time, or better, use a compost or a trash can to remove food residues.

Do not put anything at your disposal, such as rice, pasta or potato husks, such as fruit bones or bones, or too much fiber, such as celery or rhubarb.

Toilet and shower clogged at the same time

The toilet and shower are clogged at the same time: what happened? There is a blockage in the toilet and shower, but it is also possible to bind to the main clogged sewer pipe.

Homeowners want to take care of their sewer pipes and pipes, they can avoid the use of aggressive chemical drain cleaners that can damage their pipes, avoid placing anything inappropriate in the disposal of garbage or toilets.

If used correctly, enzymatic cleaners can help remove deposits and gutters inside pipes. These products are less toxic than chemical drain cleaners, less harmful to pipes and more environmentally friendly.

abc can handle your pipe problems

Most owners are able to handle occasionally interrupted toilets, slow drains or some other common plumbing problems on their own. But sometimes, more extensive plumbing problems occur and really require the attention and experience of trusted professionals. Main sewer pipes, or if you encounter drainage of various household drains, contact abc services for home and business. Our licensed professional plumbers (m-14802) can handle pipe problems of any size and we will save you time and make sure repairs are carried out safely and correctly.


  • Avoid putting corrosive drain-cleaning chemicals in the toilet. They work slowly, can damage the pipes and are harmful to the environment.

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