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How to Install A Toilet Flange In New Construction

how to install a toilet flange

Every time you use your water closet, the toilet starts shaking or leaking from time to time. You will be so pissed and feel annoyed with water closet because it’s totally disturbing. The toilet leaking interrupts with the hygiene of your water closet Here is the answer for: “How to install a toilet flange in new construction”

You might start thinking about most possible reasons for such issue like broken toilet, broken sewage pipe.  Secondly If you want to replace them or repair them for the sake of your closet. You might start thinking to replace your toilet with the new one or install overall sewage pipe connections and repair the old ones. The repairing of toilet flung or replacing parts with new ones sometimes can cost you your precious time and money but on the other hand this repair is necessary for the closet.

You want to hire a plumber for doing this repairing job for your water closet. But wait, sometimes the problem with your water closet is very basic and you might be able to do it on your own! One of the possible reasons of your bad water closet could be the broken toilet flange that you can repair and have to repair, install or replace by yourself for your water closet.

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By avoiding the long plumbing procedures of repairing, installing or replacing, you will be able to save lots of money and also your time for your water closet. Installation of new flange or repairing of old one can overcome the water closet issue and the toilet wobbling and leak issues for your water closet.

This repairing or installing process won’t take much of your time and it will end up giving you the perfect water closet. In order to install, replace or repair a new toilet flange for your water closet, it is important to consider what you are going to need for repairing or replacing.

A hammer, a wrench (adjustable), wax ring and a new toilet flange parts is all what you need for installing a new toilet flange in your water closet. Don’t forget the wax as it’s very important and of course you need a pipe too. These are readily available in any plumbing supply store or hardware stores containing products for the water closet.

Let’s plunge into step by step procedure to repair, replace and install your toilet flange for the water closet.

Disconnecting the water supply

For the installation, the most crucial step is to disconnect the water supply hose from water closet. Flush out all the remaining water from the toilet. This is the most easy that you can do for repairing and improve the working ability of your water closet.

Removing the toilet

In order to install, repair or replace it with a new toilet in your water closet, it is necessary to remove the old one that is sealed with the wax of flange. This can be a difficult step of installation or replacement, but can be assisted with the help of a partner.

To break the wax seal for installation or repairing process, rock the toilet back and forth a few times. The gasses are prevented to escape from the waste pipe through wax seal. It’s but very obvious that the wax here is what will save you and the water closet.

Replace the old flange with the new one or install a new one

Using the screwdriver, remove the screws of the old broken flange that attaches it to the floor. You can clean the wax in the flange by using a sharp knife. To determine the correct size suitable for flange, measure the diameter of the sewer pipe and then apply the wax. Any unwanted sewer gasses and smells can be blocked using old cloth or rag into the sewage pipe and for all of this you need a plumber.

A new wax ring is also needed during this process. From any plumbing supply store, you can buy the flange of exact size along with the wax ring. You should also buy new bolts and nuts if the old ones are broken or in a bad shape. It will also control wobbling of toilet after using water closet.

Then, continue with the installation process, by screwing the new flange to the floor.  Before screwing the new flange into the place, make sure there are no gaps between the flange and the floor. You will have to make all this struggle for your water closet at any  cost and again, don’t forget the wax here. On the bottom, push the new wax ring into place by lifting up the toilet.

Now, it is the time to install the toilet. To ensure that the replace, repair or install toilet flange is tightened by the screws, the wax seals are checked. Then, the toilet is placed on the top of the flange and pressed down tightly to seal the wax ring. You must hand-tighten the nuts and bolts that hold the toilet onto the flange before using wrench.

Reconnecting water line supply and double checking your work

Reconnect it to the water supply and turn it on. Flush it out few times once the bowl is full. If there is no leakage of water from the water closet on the floor and the toilet is steady, you have done the installation job righteously and for this repair, all the credit goes to the wax that your plumber would have used.  Moreover, you were able to replace the plumber and get rid of excessive plumbing charges for your water closet.

Above mention installing, repairing and replacing steps that can stop your toilet from shaking while using toilet closet. So, save yourself from the plumber and his charges, get  some wax and start the repair right away!

Tools You Need To Replace Or Fix A Toilet Flange

The tools for the toilet flange issue will all be the same and you don’t have to worry because whether it’s the installation issue, the replacing issue or some other problem with the toilet flange. You just need these tools to get the work started all by yourself;

– Newspaper

– Adjustable wrench

– Putty knife

– Multi head screwdriver

— Measuring tape

– Disposable old rag

– Plastic bags

– Disinfecting wipes (optional)

– New flange, including correct size bolts and screws

Reasons Why You Should Install The Toilet Flange All By Yourself

You see there’s no problem on the planet Earth that you yourself cannot fix. Yes, calling a professional is the wiser thing to do but why call him in the first place when you can actually fix the toilet flange issue all on your own?

You see there’s no rocket science involved in this process and you just need to know what you have to do with the tools and what you need to do about the water closet. Long story short, it’s not as difficult as it sounds and if you just have the right tools (the ones we mentioned above) you will actually be able to install/repair the toilet flange alone.

Want more reasons to install the toilet flange yourself? Well, here is something that might come in handy to you ;

  • It will save you a lot of money

For starters, if you don’t call a plumber and if you opt for a DIY toilet flange installation then you can actually end up saving yourself a lot of money. Yes, you read it right! Plumbing isn’t too technical and just with some online video tutorials and a guide like the one we mentioned above, you can easily install, fix and even replace a toilet flange. Especially if it’s broken and you don’t have any option other than to buy a new toilet flange then yes, you should do it all by yourself.

  • You won’t have to call the plumber again and again

It’s just the first time that feels a little difficult. Once you fix the toilet flange all by yourself and once you take care of the water closet thing too, you will then know how to fix it, the next time it goes bad. The point is that you won’t ever have to call a plumber for the rest of your life once you learn how to do it yourself.

  • You’ll know what you are doing

The biggest advantage of not hiring a professional plumber is that when you will fix the toilet flange, you will at least know what you are doing. You see, when you hire a plumber, you are always worried whether he did the job right or not or if the flange will again break etc. But when you take all this matter in your own hands, you will at least know what you are doing and whether you are doing it right or not.

These are some of the main advantages of installing a toilet flange all by yourself. We hope that all of it made some sense for you so now don’t waste anymore time and get the work started right now!

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