How to Fix Toilet Pump – Step by Step Flush Valve Replacement Guide

how to fix toilet cistern

As you would have experienced by now, having a faulty toilet pump is something that is pretty inconvenient and can even be worse than having a toilet that clogs and smells regularly. Because, a malfunctioning toilet pump is one of the hardest household hassles you will have to cope up with, if you are unlucky enough!

You will definitely know how important it is to know how to fix toilet pump if you have ever gone through the agony of filling up the water tank with a bucket of water in order to flush the toilet tank even just once for a change.

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Although fixing your toilet pump might not affect your water bill directly, you will definitely save a lot of money by learning how to fix toilet pump yourself rather than hiring a plumber or a professional to do it for you.

We need to understand issue of improper flushing, this is most likely for a situation. It may caused by a faulty fill valve in your toilet pump. Fixing your toilet pump is something that can be done by yourself without much effort than most people think. So, let’s take a look on how to fix toilet pump in a “do it yourself” scenario

Emptying the toilet tank

Just like in most plumbing work, the first step is to cut off the water supply. If we have a problem finding the shutoff valve, all you have to do is simply follow along the hose that’s attached to the underneath part of your toilet tank. Cutting off the water supply of this valve is done by turning it around in a clockwise motion. Now flush the toilet in order to empty the toilet tank.
But as you can see there will be water at the bottom of the tank no matter how many times you flush the tank. This is where you will have to use a bucket to take out the remaining water. But in order to empty it fully you may have to use a sponge or Rags before proceeding to the next step.

Now for some Unscrewing

The hose that’s located underneath the tank will have to be unscrewed first. Then unscrew the nut that’s holding the hose that’s been held with the support of channel locks or vice grips.

Now we can start unscrewing the toilet pump. The toilet pump will be located at the bottom of the toilet tank. Its advisable that you remove the nut with one hand while holding the toilet pump with the other hand. For example, if you are a right-handed person you would prefer to remove the nut with your right hand. Secondly hold the pump with your left hand for a better grip. We do it this way to stop the toilet pump from spinning along with the nut

Now you can remove the toilet pump that has been giving us so much trouble from the toilet tank. First of all take out the clip that’s attached to the refill tube that’s coming from the overflow pipe.

This is how to fix toilet pump with the right replacement

Here comes the interesting part where you can actually discard the old toilet pump. You did attach the refill tube you’ve got from the new toilet pump. All you have to do is, glide in on one side of the refill tube on top of the nipple. So that the toilet pump will cover the nipple in full. Then connect the angle adapter to the other side of the refill tube.

Now it’s about alignment, you can simply follow instructions given in the manual in order to adjust the height of your new pump along with other useful instructions they might provide you.

Placing the threaded shank into the hole

You may wonder what shank washers are for if you are doing this type of job for the first time. It’s a necessary plumbing tool used for repairing flush valves and it will also provide a positive seal to help stop leaks.

You probably would have got a couple of shank washers along with your replacement toilet pump. Just place one of the washers on the threaded shank of the new toilet pump. Make sure you place the shank into the hollow cavity at the bottom of the toilet tank.This is where the other shank washer needs to be fixed on top of the threaded shank and be tightly pressed against the toilet tank.

Replacing the nut on the threaded shank to fix your toilet pump

This is where you will have to give it an extra turn to make it become firmer and tighter. Now the nut on the threaded shank can be replaced making way for the toilet pump to be fully tightened and you don’t want any loose ends here. You are almost there, remember the refill tube? You can’t just leave it there right? It needs to be clipped to the overflow pipe at this point. This can be done with the use of the angle attachment provided.

Fixing up your toilet pump is officially done

We have come to an end after a hard day’s work along with a professional guidance on how to fix toilet pump without spending a ton of money on a plumbing specialist.

Finally, we are now ready to check for any potential leaks by turning the water supply on. All you need to do here is to tightly screw the water supply hose back onto the threaded shank.

That’s it, now you are done on fixing your toilet pump for good. But it is a good idea to do an inspection on both shank washers in order to confirm that the two nuts are fully and firmly tightened at both ends. Well, technically now there shouldn’t be any kind of water leaks coming out from around your new toilet pump.

Adjust a ballcock float by rotating it so the bend in the arm is facing up or down as needed. You can also adjust the length of the float arm by screwing or unscrewing the ball.

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