How do you know if your water is leaking

Here’s How do you Know If Your Water is Leaking? Signs and Solution

Hi there folks, did you know that water leaks are 10 percent or more when considering all of our domestic water usage? And guess what, your toilet is the most common place to have water leaks that can cost you big time. But, how do you know if your water is leaking or not?

Let’s see how to identify those unnoticed leaks more accurately using some professional plumbing techniques. With that in mind let’s look at the different reasons that makes your toilet leak, In more detail. Do you constantly keep hearing the sound of water flowing into the tank when no one is using the toilet.

Probably this ghostly water trickling sound is most significant during the night. It is a positive sign that the water in the tank is leaking into the toilet bowl. Maybe you would have heard people saying that this type of periodic automatic sound of water. Filling into the toilet tank at night is something that you can ignore. Also that it may be an instance where the toilet is flushing itself.

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How do you know if your water is leaking? Common toilets Vs household toilets

While this toilet flushing on its own may be true for commercial toilets where there are so many people using it every single minute, such as in offices, shopping malls and public places.

But, when considering domestic toilets this statement is quite irrelevant. We simply do not build the toilet in our own homes in a way that it flushes periodically from time to time unlike toilets created for regular use assuming someone is occupying It every now and then.

So, we can simply discard the idea that constant sound of water filling at night is an instance where the toilet is flushing on its own automatically into the garbage as long as our home toilets are concerned. As you can see, we cannot apply the same assumption used for common toilets when it comes to household toilets.

That’s great, but what theory do we use to determine water leaks in our own toilet?

If that’s the case how do you know if your water is leaking? There’s no need to panic, well actually it’s pretty simple. You can go into your bathroom and do an observation on your toilet bowl. Here you would see water dripping down the wall of the Toilet Bowl straight away in case if there is a water leak.

But, the con here is that you can’t always rely on your eyesight when you are doing this kind of test. What I mean by that is if you don’t see that the water is trickling down from the toilet tank into the bowl, it does not necessarily mean that there is no leak. It just may not be significant enough for you to see.

And another reason you wouldn’t have noticed water leaking into the bowl is because the leakage maybe taking place periodically instead of a constant flow where water trickles down leaving visible traces.

So, how do you know if your water is leaking? Let’s do a test

Let’s take a more scientific plumbing technique for this one. What we’re going to do is a Dye test. And don’t worry, the dye we are going to need does not cost you anything. Just take one or two dye pills from any hardware store for free and just drop it into the toilet tank while it’s full with water.

But, before you drop it in, just break it up a little bit so that it would be much easier for it to be dissolved in water. Just give it a couple of minutes for the dye to get properly dissolved into the water and wait till it gives the water a really nice blue color.


Now if the water has nowhere to go this blue water will stay in the tank. Leave the water in the toilet tank untouched and unflushed for more than 10 minutes. Now check the color of water in your toilet bowl. The water in your toilet bowl should be crystal clear even after 20 minutes. This is great news and ideally this is what should happen if there is no water leak in your toilet.

But, we will have to look at the flip side of things too

after leaving the water there for more than 10 minutes untouched if you can see that the water in the toilet bowl has turned into blue or any kind of a lighter shade of blue, then it’s pretty straight forward and you do not need to do any more observations because it simply indicates that the water is leaking. Now, the question how do you know if your water is leaking is something we have already come up with an answer. Now it’s time to go beyond it and think about the causes of your water leak.

Looking forward for a solution now that we know the cause.0kay, after doing this last test. If you had to come to a conclusion that there is definitely a leakage in your toilet. We can immediately start looking forward for a solution. In order to do that, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the mechanism of your toilet tank to have a better idea of what’s going on.

once you take a look inside the toilet tank you can see the flush valve, the fill valve and the overflow. The toilet tank’s water level should be lower than the overflow and if the water level goes above and beyond the overflow for some reason, that extra water will go down the pipe into your toilet bowl.

Well, that’s how you know if your water is leaking in your toilet, from a technical point of view. So, as we discussed earlier water leaks in your toilet does not have to be happening on a regular basis. There could be many instances where you are noticing water leaking periodically as well.

I really hope that I was able to find a solid answer to your question of how do you know if your water is leaking, with much depth and detail. Bye for now.

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