The Reasons for cloudy hot water

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Cloudy hot water are some of the problems that are experienced by most people. Hot water can be cloudy, but that doesn’t mean it is dirty. Well nobody would desire washing dishes or cooking using cloudy water. However, it might be free from health risks but it is agitating. Water is a complex substance made consisting of oxygen and hydrogen which expands when turned into the gaseous or solid state.

Naturally, water has a lot of gases and a variety of minerals trapped in it. This is the primary reasons why you can notice the water can be cloudy as it comes out of your faucet. Therefore, when it gets exposed to the water heater, the molecules expand thus trap[ping other gases as a result of an increase in pressure.

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Reasons for cloudy hot water


• Total alkalinity

If the total alkalinity of water is at 150 ppm, there is a likelihood that there are excess carbonates in the water which is making Cloudy hot water.

• Air in your water system

• Biofilm problems

Biofilm is a slimy bacteria that forms coatings inside the pipes and fittings. As it accumulates its effect will be seen in cloudy water, and you might notice some loose flakes. If you suspect there is biofilm contamination, it is advisable to lower Ph levels to 7.2.

• Salt systems problems

Salt water systems are becoming popular especially among people with swimming pools. However, most people ignore checking chlorine levels to maintain chlorine outputs. Therefore, excess salts in the system may cloud your water temporarily.

• Biguanide problems

Most people who use non-chlorine substances such as biguanide sanitizer may experience cloudy water. Biguanide not only makes your water cloudy but it can introduce unpleasant odours into your water system.

When does cloudy water become of a concern?

There are a few instances when cloudy hot water can be an indication of a significant problem. Normally, cloudy hot water is usually associated with pressure variations. However, if you notice your water system is not showing possibilities of high pressure that could mean there is something wrong. If you notice that water in some parts of your house is cloudier than others, then there could be some issues with the water pipes.

How to fix cloudy hot water.

Once you have noticed that the problem is persistent, You can perform simple troubleshooting. Checking the pressure levels of your water system is a good start.
Alternatively, you can check the anode or flush the water system to minimize the occurrence of cloudy hot water.

Additionally, once you notice such a problem, its recommended to check the aerator on your tap. Its usually fitted at the end of the faucet to soften the water and to reduce the amounts of the splash. Therefore, at times it becomes clogged with particles leading to an increase in pressure which can be a contributing factor which is making your hot water cloudy.

Cloudy hot water resulting from air bubbles clears in a few minutes and poses no risk. In case the water doesn’t become clear, call the water bureau for assistance.

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