Best Toilet On A Budget 2019 6 top Models Reviewed

6 Best Toilet On A Budget | Best Flushing Toilet 2021 Reviews

Best Toilet On A Budget 2019 ( 6 top Models Reviewed )

The toilet lasts a long time, but in the end they will wear out. Whether you are replacing an old toilet, removing a broken toilet or doing a complete renovation of the bathroom, there are 100 toilets to choose from.

But do your toilets have a cheap price? Of course I do!

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If you are in the budget, there are many toilets that will give you good quality at a reasonable price. To be clear, the best toilet in the budget will cost about $150. I would include some toilets around $200, still at reasonable prices.

Make no mistake, the inexpensive toilets I mentioned still come from high quality brands such as American Standard, kohler and totot. At the price point of 150 dollars, you will get your basic models, not your designer or modern options, however, if you want an affordable toilet, you may want a traditional look.

In the next section I will share the information you need to get started. I will introduce the expected price of buying and installing a new toilet, list the options I need to look for when buying a new toilet (surprisingly there are a lot of options).

Finally, I will share the best bathrooms in the budget and list of options between $150-200. Let’s get started.

Expected price range and economic cost of the toilet

Most people do not know where to start or what to expect when buying and installing a new toilet. I admit that it can be surprising to know how much the toilet costs, they are not cheap!

But not only the cost of the bath. Plumbing and floor may need to be tight, many toilets do not have a toilet seat (which is frustrating), professional installation further increases the overall price.

Jars and Bowl

At first, you can only consider the price of 1, the cost of the toilet and bowl. Most traditional baths have 2 pieces; bowls and tanks. There are two screws for connecting the toilet.

The description of the toilet will list “1 piece” or “2 pieces”, so you know what you get. 2 pieces of toilets are generally more affordable and have more options. 2 pieces of toilets range from $150 to $400 or more.

The cost will depend on the brand and style. Unique and modern toilet will cost more than traditional options.


Please check the product description to see if your toilet includes a seat. If purchased separately, the seat can cost a lot ($30-50).

If I buy a budget toilet, I will make sure to get a toilet with a seat. Seat options include plastic, wood, soft, slow and cushions.

Embossed, Floors

If you buy a toilet on a budget, it can be a traditional style toilet, suitable for your existing plumbing system.

If you are transforming or changing the position of the toilet in the bathroom, you need a plumbing to adjust the plumbing. This can be expensive, but this will not be a factor if you use a traditional toilet in the same place.


The good news is that the installation of the toilet can be done on its own. It requires muscle, patience and ability to follow instructions.

Most people, however, will choose to use a professional. The last thing you want in the leaking toilet, right? Plumbing will ensure that the work is done correctly, it takes 1-3 hours to install depending on how much preparatory work is required. It can cost between 100-300 dollars to have a professional installation of the toilet.

If you have a budget, I recommend preparing the area before the plumbing arrives. It is easy to turn off the water and remove the old toilet.

You can clean the area and buy a new wax seal, so you are ready to install when the plumer arrives. Unfasten your new toilet and get ready to go!

Options for finding bathrooms in the budget

In addition to the toilet seat I mentioned above, there are a lot of options to look for. If you have a budget, it is important to know what additional options you can use.

Some toilets from this list are equipped with additional options, while others are not. You know what you pay!

Elongated or round

Did you know that there are bathrooms of different sizes?

Round toilets use round toilets. They are “standard size” and can feel small to larger and taller individuals.

Many prefer thin toilets that provide more length and space while sitting.

If possible, I choose a thin toilet, because it is more comfortable, however, round toilet is usually better. Be sure to check the toilets from this list to find out if they offer an elongated toilet for the same price as the round option.

Seats included

As I mentioned earlier, some toilets include seats, while others do not. I’m upset about the extra cost of a seat, so I tend to prefer a toilet that includes a seat.

If you want a padded seat, wooden or bidet, you may need to make a separate purchase (including the seat is simple, but made of quality plastic).

Includes mounting parts (wax, etc.)

It will rarely include a wax ring when buying a toilet. This will have to be done individually, the cost is minimal.

All other mounting parts may be included. If you install your toilet, professionals can bring additional materials, but it’s always good to buy your own, to avoid the costs that professionals can charge.

Double Discharge


Are you buying a standard 1 flush toilet or a double flush toilet? For those with a budget, a double-flush toilet is a wise decision, since saving water can only pay for a new toilet in a matter of months.


In the list below, I emphasize the double download option. You can reduce water consumption by up to 70%, which means you save a lot on water bills.

Protection of water resources

Do you support the green movement towards natural products and protection? So, a water-saving toilet is something you need to consider. A certified toilet for the sense of water means it saves a lot of water.

Look for signs of sense of water in the toilet or in the description. Double-flush toilets are generally certified water sensitive. Take a look at my article about double flush toilet.

Styles and colors

If you buy a toilet on a budget, it is possible that it has nothing to do with a traditional white porcelain toilet (why is the toilet always white?). Some toilets come in a variety of colors, including beige, bone, white and black).

At first glance, the models in this list may look the same, but they are. Note the curve and shape of the tank.

I prefer a toilet with a full skirt at the bottom of the toilet, but these are usually more expensive. Find a toilet that suits the style of your bathroom in this list.

The best toilet in the budget (between $100-200 for 6 toilets)

#1 American standard cologne, toilet water sense (221da.104.020)

You’ve probably heard of standard American toilets, which are a well-known brand and a budget-centric buyer would love because they offer quality products and have a good guarantee.

This toilet is expensive, but it has the features you expect in the toilet.


  • Optional 10″ or 12″ roughing (for mounting)
  • Optional 1.28 gallons or 1.6 gallons per rinse
  • Pack of 2
  • Water Sensation Certification
  • 3 colours to choose from.
  • Toilet seat not included.
  • 2 year warranty/1 year seat

For brands and prices, you will not find a better toilet. It is affordable, but it also saves you money because it uses much less water than the old style toilet (see color and size on Amazon).


This is not a magnificent toilet, but it still looks good as an inexpensive toilet. The color option is a good touch, and the water detection certification means that it meets or exceeds the standards required by many states.

If you want the best explosion for your money, this is your toilet!

#2 US standard H2- best siphon (288DA114.020)

Another cheap product of the American standard, is listed as the best inexpensive toilet number 2 options. Like the other toilets in this list, it is a piece of 2, and there are several main differences with toilets classified #1.

One difference is its “super efficient” use of water (only 1.1 gallons per rinse, saving more water). Another difference is the shape of the tank (more square). This option has only 12 inches rough options and 1 color.


  • Compatible with California and water sensor.
  • Pack of 2
  • 12-inch Roughing
  • 1 gallon per rinse
  • Rim height: 15 inches.
  • 1 x Colour
  • Round bowl
  • Toilet seat not included.
  • Ceramics Limited Lifetime Warranty/Machinery 5 PARTIALURLPLACEHOLDER 1 year

Even if these toilets come from the same brand, the guarantee of this toilet is a little better than the rated toilet #1. In general, this is a large toilet, which after installation will save money on water. It has a reasonable price and the best guarantee on our list.

Consider this inexpensive toilet, if you want to maximize water saving, if you want a toilet that lasts for decades!

#3 American standard student w/large discharge valve 3 “

Another standard American toilet! Can you tell this company to make affordable toilets? The student model offers another twist of the traditional white porcelain toilet.

Its price is slightly higher than options #1 and #2. In my opinion, the other 2 are the best option.


  • Pack of 2
  • 28 gallons per rinse
  • 1 x Colour
  • Round bowl
  • sense of water
  • 3-inch discharge valve
  • Seats not included
  • Ceramics Limited Lifetime Warranty/Machinery 5 PARTIALURLPLACEHOLDER 1 year

There is a thin connection between the tank and the bowl, which gives it a slim and elegant look. This could be a good toilet with a small space or a bathroom<b>.

Efficient rinsing is not as good as the #2 rated toilet, but it is still sensitive to certified water with an average of 1.28 gallons per flush. Buy this toilet and watch how your water bills suddenly decrease.

#4 Kohler K-3977-0 Economy Toilet (1.6 gallons per download)

Kohler is another traditional brand based in the United States and are well known for toilets, but also make faucets and shower products. Opportunity, you have a kohler product in your home.

This toilet comes at a reasonable price below $200 and has many of the same great features you will find in a similar toilet.


  • 1 x Colour
  • 12-inch Roughing
  • Round Bowl, Standard Height
  • 3. Install Simultaneously (Simple)
  • Not certified by water sensor.
  • 6 gallons per rinse
  • There are no seats.
  • 1-year limited warranty

I like the appearance of this kohler budget toilet, however, it is very similar to the American standard toilet mentioned above. What I don’t like about the toilet is that it does not have water sensitivity certification (probably not available in some US states). every rinse.

If you like this toilet, but you want a more effective rinse option, consider buying a separate double rinse adapter (about $30). Dual rinse adapter can be installed inside most tanks and will save a lot of money without changing the whole toilet.

kohler is a good brand and toilet price is good, but I would definitely choose the American standard toilet instead of this option because it lacks the features I expected to see.

#5 Toilet small budget

Of all the brands on this list, toto is probably my favorite, they are one of the oldest toilet companies in the world, starting in Japan.

The Japanese are known for their attention to detail and quality products — these toilets are no exception. The US department of Toto produces all toilets in the United States.


  • Pack of 2
  • Round
  • Great company.
  • 12-inch Roughing
  • 3″ wide rinse for increased hydraulic power.
  • Water saving: 1.28 gallons per rinse.
  • Seats not included
  • Compact design
  • 1-year limited warranty

The entrance model is a smaller option, so it fits perfectly into a bathroom with limited space. It is California green and water certified (only 1.28 gallons per rinse).

I like the bathroom and the appearance of the brand, but it does not offer anything that standard American toilets do not offer. With this in mind, I would stay with the other options on the list.

#6 US Standard H20 double flush toilet

Yeah, I went back to the bathroom. Even if this one costs just over $200, I had to include it because it offers a double download option at a reasonable price.

Other options, including design, do not differ much from other toilets.


  • Double rinse (button)
  • sense of water
  • 0.92/1.28 gallons per rinse
  • 3 colours to choose from.
  • Seats not included
  • Ceramics Limited Lifetime Warranty/Machinery 5 PARTIALURLPLACEHOLDER 1 year

This toilet can be super budget, because it is the most important option in the list, however, it is still reasonable, it will save you on water bills. If 200 dollars is reasonable, consider this toilet, remember that you still need to buy a seat.

My choice.

My choice is the #2 option (US standard H2Timum siphon). It uses the least amount of water, which is equal to your billet saving more. It also has an excellent limited lifetime warranty.

All toilets on this list have “no frills”, no seats are included. Looking for the best toilet in a budget as a person, it’s not about the appearance or design, but about the functionality of the toilet.


Looking for the best bathroom on a budget? Hopefully, this article guides you in the right direction.

Buying a toilet does not happen very often, because the toilet lasts a long time. Occasionally you need to replace the old toilet or renew the old bathroom, a new toilet will be in order.

The problem with toilets is that they can be expensive. The price of most toilets ranges from $200 to $400, but if you look carefully, you can find options below $200.

The toilet I mentioned in this article ranges from 100-200 dollars. You’ll be surprised to learn that they come from respected companies such as American Standard, Kohler and Toto.

I like all the toilets in this list, but especially like the #2 option because it saves more water. If you have a budget, you’re gonna want to save money for water, right?

Thank you for reading another ( your pro plumber ) article. I do my best to answer all the questions about the bathroom.

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  1. I had low flow toilets for years.
    None of them have worked well.
    Right now I have an American Standard low flush toilet.
    It takes up to 15 flushes to clean the bowl of all contents.
    That’s 20 gallons a flush!
    It’s no longer under warranty – but even when it was under warranty,
    they expected me to send it back, and they would send me a new one.
    That’s $100 to have the bad toilet removed, and another $100 to have the new one installed! Totally ridiculous.
    By the way, my drain lines are not blocked. Everything goes down OK, except the floaters and the paper. It’s the toilet that is not doing it’s job.
    Where can I buy a 2 or 3 gallon flush toilet?
    It would save me a lot of money.

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