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Rothenberger Superfire 2 Brazing Torch Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

There are lots of different torches available. Just jump to any plumbing e-commerce store and check for yourself. Which one you decide to buy essentially, boils down to one of two things.

Rothenberger Superfire 2


  • You want the best of the best rothenberger superfire 2 and you’re willing to pay for it.
  • You’d rather save a penny and go to a cheap blowtorch.

We will not comment 20, 10 or even 5 torches. Instead, we have listed the details of one of each torch based on the above.

The best plumbing blows the torchMonument cga600 torch

If you’re new to the gas/gas accessory set, almost every time you search for a tool, you’ll hear a lot of the scroll name appears.

They are known as one of the high-end brands in the field of plumbing tools. Therefore, they produce good things, but you will certainly pay for it.

Torch only

First of all, if you compare this (especially in terms of price) with a set of pipe torches, then rothenberger is usually a “torch only” deal.

Therefore, it is not a complete kit, which means buying other bits separately (such as gas) (yes, more money).

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Temperature concentration

The problem with the torch cheap tubes, is that the temperature concentration is:

  • There is no concentration at all.
  • Intermittent

In addition, this will cause the welding pain in the back.

Rothenberger superfire 2 used the original Super Fire base, and then did it better, pulled out Super Fire 2.

, which means a high concentration of heat, which makes your welding work not only easy, but more importantly, the welding work is also consistent.

Angular welding

Another mistake with a cheap torch…

Angle of welding and face down? There’s no chance.

The gas distribution for the output of Super Flame 2 is consistent, so face-down or angle welding is absolutely easy.


An instant piezoelectric ignition is obtained. This is not only reliable, but also durable.

Therefore, you will spend more time welding, less time clicking, wondering if you have exhausted the gas.

And, when switched on, there is built-in anti-glare and adjustable flame.


Type of gas

You can use Super Fire 2:


Mobile Phone Professional

, you can also choose to take additional adapters.


The combustion pipe is made of high strength stainless steel and accepts a range of gas cylinders. The touch of stainless steel is enough to prevent any form of gas leakage, so it is safer than an unproven torch which is cheaper on the market.

Jet filtration, which means that the gas flow problem will not end.


Of course, the Super Flame 2 flashlight is designed for dusters, as well as heating and gas engineers. But it is also suitable for air conditioning and cooling professionals.


Like all Rothernberger torches, Super Fire 2 is more than durable. If you’re welding all day, the last thing you want is a ridiculous heavy flashlight.

This is definitely not the case. Super Fire 2 weighs 700 grams.

Online Review

I always check online reviews of the product I intend to buy, especially if I haven’t used it before.

The best thing about turning the Berg torch? He’s got an absolute ton of criticism.

And these reviews cover things that fill you with enough confidence to make a purchase. Especially when there is a blowtorch to provide a little less you’ve been considering a purchase.

In fact, sometimes he finds things you might not have thought about. Reviews of many e-commerce stores show that this is the best torch for those who do not solder typical sizes of copper pipes (ie 15 mm, 22 mm and 28 mm).

To be able to solder accurately 8 mm, the next day 54 mm, you need a highly sensitive adjustable flame… This is exactly what Super Flame 2 has.


However, this is not their focus on any products they offer. Their products are about to not disappoint you and stand the test of time.

This means value for money.

There are many brands without names that offer something similar (but definitely not the same) low by 20 -30%.

Our point of view? Do not bother, you save a few kilos and you will get 10 times, only welding the consistency of the work that you can achieve through the regulation of the flame in Super Fire 2.

Check the latest price on Amazon!

Monument cga600 torchMonument cga600 torch

Our choice: the cheapest plumbing torch

So, we’ll go to Rosenberg, but what if you don’t want to spend so much money?

There are other options. In fact, look for any e-commerce store and you will see that there is a ton of cheap pipes that blow torch deals. Cheaper? We’ll avoid them altogether.

But, You can grab the torch welding tool monument for about £15 less than Super Fire 2. And, there is also a good offer torch and gas offers.

By the time I worked at a plumbing entrepreneur, we sold a ton of tools from the monument, without complaining. So, if I want something cheap, this is where I would go, but not “matter who knows where” cheap.

Torch only

Like Rosenberg, it’s the only deal with a torch.

It is worth noting that the monument spent a lot of time making it comfortable to use. There is an emphasis on ergonomic fit for your hands, there are few other bumps on the market.

And, this means that if you weld all day, you will not get rsi on your hand or wrist soon.

Temperature concentration

Using piezoelectric ignition, you can adjust the flame of the turbine so that it is super concentrated.

Thus, this will make welded copper joints of various sizes completely trouble-free.

Once turned on, the usual flame lock is obtained.

Angular welding

This flashlight is not only designed for all types of welding (i.e. angle/upside down), it is very comfortable.

Angular welding is not entirely good for your joints, this is again a separate place for the ergonomic design of the gas torch of the monument tool.


The piezoelectric ignition is the same as that used in the rotator. And, this means that it not only starts immediately, but will last.

Therefore, no, it is not necessary to keep a lighter at hand in case of misfire!

Type of gas

Obtained the usual compatibility with promise/mapp gas.


You would expect lighter Rothenberger, but it is not. The monument weighs only 522 grams, which makes this one of the lightest pipes on the market.

Online Review

Brands such as monuments will always have tons of positive reviews about their products. And, this is certainly the case here.

There are more than 100 reviews online, plummer buzz about how good this monument is and how cheap it is compared to competitors.


And the best part? You don’t need to have a budget for Super Fire 2.

You will save anywhere from £40-80 compared to rothenberger with monuments (depending on the current best price online).

Check the latest price on Amazon!

Rosenberg Super Fire 2, or Monument?

So, what is actually the best, considering the price.

This is definitely the case with apples and oranges.

If you have a budget and want the best plumbing to blow the torch, I’ll get Super Torch 2. It is a torch designed for plumber and gas welds for long periods of time per day.

But if you want to save a few pounds, this monument is a solid option. This is not a low-quality nameless brand that offers cheap unproven products.

Gas for your tube torch

Like the torch, there are a lot of brands that offer gas online.

If you are looking for gas and want to take it from a well-known brand, rothenberger has your gas available online.

The last note on the cheap plumbing torch

There is a good chance that you will see cheap pipe torches online, some of which are almost half the price of Super Fire 2 mentioned above.

So why not buy one of them?

There are two reasons: welding accuracy and reliability.

Brands like monuments and rothenberger have been manufacturing welding torches for dusters for years, which means they are the best in the business.

But most importantly, their products are reliable. I do not know about you, but before I had a torch, I knew that I would not be disappointed and not now save a few kilos, just lost (and more) when I had to go from a job to grab a new torch from a local businessman!

What’s next?

Thank you for reading our 5 minute review of the pipe gas torch.

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