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Best Portable Toilets For Camping Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Do you know how does best portable toilets camping makes your life easy while you are outside home? This amazing advent has brought a revolution in the user traveling and camping experience. Let’s learn about how does  Portable Toilet benefits a user while providing greater comfort. However, before starting to explore it, first, get to know about what is actually a  portable toilet.

is a small sized commode type toilet that is not fixed but movable. It does not need to fix to the drainage-system/sanitary-pipes of your home, but it is best for travel purposes. It includes a seat like a commode, a flush, and a discharge tank. When a person needs to go to the toilet, he would sit on its seat.

After using it, he could flush through pressing its flush button and it will be cleaned for next use. In this way, this  portable toilet provides greater ease and comfort whenever you need to use the toilet in odd places.

Most of the people face issues with using the toilets during traveling, especially during camping. To ease their difficulties, this portable toilet is the best choice. Anyone can easily take it with them at any place where there would be no toilet facility. Furthermore, on a long road trip where there would be no toilets on your way, you can easily use it.

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What size is a portable Camping toilets

The best thing about a  portable toilet is that it comes in different sizes. It is an outstanding feature of such toilets because it provides you more flexibility in buying them. Suppose, you and your friends are planning to go on a camping trip at a hill station.

You and your friends decide to buy a Coleman portable toilet for your camping trip. However, now all of you are confused about which size will be the right size for all of you? It is a crucial question that you must take seriously. If you are thinking about what size is a  portable toilet, so make sure that it comes in different sizes.

It is you who have to decide which size you need to buy for your camping trip. In the market, there are different sizes available from which you can choose the one of your choices. So, here are the following different sizes of  portable toilet.

  •  with 4.8 gallons of water storage size
  •  with 5.3 gallons of water storage below its seat
  • Some other sizes are also available that you will find in the market.

Portable Flush Toilet vs.  Large Portable Flush Toilet

Although there is not a big difference between these two but only their capacity to hold water. The  portable flush toilet will allow you to use it with 10.6-liter water capacity storage area. On the other hand, the Coleman large portable flush toilet allows you 5.3 gallons water storage size. The rest of the features are the same, and both of these are equally effective to use.

However, it is best to use the Coleman large portable flush toilet instead of  portable flush toilet. This is because the Coleman large portable flush toilet will provide you the chance to use it more times. However, it is entirely your choice to choose anyone according to your budget and need.

What are the essential portable toilet parts?

Although it looks like a small single seat toilet, but actually, it includes so many parts. If any of its parts go out of order, it will stop working as expected. Therefore, it is vital that you must have an idea about all the parts. In this way, you will know whether all the parts are working perfectly or need the replacement. If any of the parts of portable toilet damages, make sure to replace it immediately. Here are the following  parts:

  • Fill Cap
  • Rinse Cap
  • Flush tank
  • Waste tank
  • Seat with Lid
  • Waste cap
  • Flush valve with its assembly parts
  • Flush pump with its assembly parts

It is best to check whether all of its parts are working effectively before going on a trip. This is important so that it wouldn’t ruin your trip due to any error or disorder in any of its parts. Also, you must keep some of its spare parts with you while going on a trip. In this way, you will be able to access them in the time of need easily. For example, the flush pump of a Coleman portable toilet may go out-of-order due to more frequent use. In that situation, you can replace it with a new one to fix it instantly if you have another one.

1 Dometic 301097202 portable toilets

best portable toilets camping

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If you are looking for the best camping toilet or portable camping toilet, the dometic 301097202 portable toilets are the best of all. The best thing about the dometic 301097202 portable toilets is that they are highly durable and easy to use. During a camping trip, the thing that you would need the most will be the camp toilet.

If you are going on a camping trip without a camp toilet or dometic 301097202 portable toilets, you may face issues in toilet-use. It is possible that the public toilets are far away from your camp and every time you have to walk. As a result, you will feel irritable and go through a most uncomfortable experience. This is especially true when you have to pee in the middle of the night during camping.

So, the best thing for camping is to consider using a camping toilet or portable camping toilets. You can visit any nearby store, or visit Amazon, or many other sites to search best camp toilet. However, also explore for the dometic 301097202 portable toilets and then decide, which one you want for yourself.


This is literally a complete portable toilet system. Not only does it include a portable toilet but it also includes a privacy shelter. The whole toilet including the shelter neatly packs up into the supplied backpack for easy storage and transportation.

The total weight of the toilet and accessories in the backpack is only 18 lbs. This toilet works a little differently to the previous two toilets reviewed in that the waste goes into a biodegradable sack. Added to the sack is some special; powder that turns all the liquid waste into solids. The waste bag is then sealed and disposed of complete.

best portable toilets camping

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best portable toilets camping

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The Porta Potti Curve has a look that is more familiar in a home toilet rather than the often square design used for portable toilets. The waste capacity is 5.5 gallons with a freshwater reservoir of 4 gallons. The flush system, which is sufficient for about 55 flushes, is a battery, operated via a button. The seat is designed for comfort so the overall height is a little higher than some portable toilets. The toilet has an integrated toilet roll holder. To empty, there is a large capacity spout that, when empty, is sealed off with a cap.

4 Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model: 248 Portable Toilet – Most Flushable Power for a Camping Toilet

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Here is another affordable toilet whose quality and durability compares to a much more expensive model.

Priced below $100, this toilet is comparatively bulkier than most, but that’s mostly due to its large capacity storage tank.

The portable toilet comes with a 4.8-gallon tank. This tank may make the toilet heavier and less portable, but it ensures that you do not have to empty the toilet so often. The large freshwater tank used on the toilet will ensure that you get more flushes per refill.

In addition to these, there are several other aspects that make the Visa Potty one of the best portable toilets today, including:

Efficient Piston-Pump Flush System

The performance of the flush system used on this toilet compares to the type used in a conventional bathroom.

This system is designed to deliver a two-directional rinse action, for thorough cleaning performance on both sides of the toilet bowl.

5: Palm Springs Outdoor 5-gallon Portable Outdoor Recreation Toilet – The Most Affordable Portable Toilet

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If you are looking for an affordable product, you do not have to sacrifice quality or performance.

The Palm Springs portable outdoor recreation toilet is made from quality materials, and has several unique features to offer.

This is one of the most affordable portable toilets you can buy today.

Despite its remarkable affordability, the product features a comfortable and sturdy full-sized toilet seat. Over the years, this toilet has been proven to be suited for use in recreation vehicles, boats, and camping applications.

So, what exactly makes the Palm Springs Portable Outdoor Recreation Toilets stand out?

Durable and Quality Construction

Buying a portable toilet of the best quality and with a durable construction will also be a great value. The Palm Springs Outdoor 5-gallon Portable Outdoor Recreation Toilet is very stable and has a high weight capacity. This toilet  will remain intact for years to come.

This toilet features a drain valve that is double sealed. This valve ensures that no odor leaks out of the storage tank.

In order to provide enhanced durability, the manufacturer uses corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty side locks on this product.

Finally, the surface of the toilet is coated with a durable matte finish. Not only does this enhance its durability, but it also looks nice.

How to choose the best portable toilets for your camping trip?

If you want to choose the Best Portable Camping Toilets for your camping trip, look into the following things.

  • Budget

One of the most important thing in choosing the most best portable toilets is to first decide your budget. This is important to figure out whether you have enough money to afford this for you. However, the  portable toilet is not really expensive to buy. If you are going somewhere with other people such as your family and friends, you can share the cost.

In this way, buying a best portable flush toilet would be more economical for purchase for all of you. Even if you are alone, you can still easily obtain it through investing just once. In your all of the upcoming trips, it will benefit you without requiring you to spend more. Thus, it will be a good purchase but as mentioned above, manage your budget first.

  • Capacity

Before you go for buying the  portable toilet, make sure to figure out its capacity vs. people. For example, it would be a good choice to buy if you are less than 5 or 6 persons. However, if it is a large family/friends trip, it would not be a good option to buy it. Suppose that you are going on a camping trip where there would be around 20-25 people with you.

With such a large number of people, this  portable flush toilet won’t work. Even if you buy a Coleman large flush portable toilet, it would also fail to meet the purpose. Therefore, it is always best to figure out the number of people as well as its capacity to serve them.

  • Space

Another important thing to look for is whether you will have enough space to keep it with you inside your camp. If not inside the camp, you must plan about the space where you will keep it during the trip.

If there would be no proper space to keep it, then it is useless to buy it. otherwise, it would be just a waste of money if you are not going to use it. Therefore, must keep in mind the concept of space before planning to buy it for your trip.

  • Transportation

Finally, another important thing is to figure out how you will carry it with you during traveling? Are you going to a place in your own car or vehicle? If not, whether public transport would allow you to keep it with you or not? Still, if they allow it to keep it with you, how would you carry it afterward?

It is important to know that portable toilet is not really lightweight. You cannot take it in your hands or on your shoulders for longer due to its weight. The extra weight is added into it due to the gallons of water that are stored inside it. So, you must look at these factors before deciding to buy one for you.

How to rebuild the plunger on a  portable toilet?

Are you looking for the guide on how to rebuild the plunger on a portable toilet? Basically, rebuilding the plunger on a Coleman portable toilet is a very simple and easy task. If you want to do it yourself, make sure to wear the hand gloves first.

Then, evaluate where the issue exists to treat it properly. After that, open your portable toilet user guide manual and follow the steps one by one. Within just a few minutes, you will be done with rebuilding the plunger on your portable toilet.

How can you discharge the waste from Portable Toilet?

To discharge the waste from the  portable toilet, you must learn first about it. It is an evil practice to discharge it on anywhere else besides the drainage pipes or in the washrooms. However, the question arises how you would find the drainage pipes on your trip to discharge the waste? You will find the answer to this question here in a most effective way.

So, the best way to discharge the waste from a Portable Toilet is to use the bags provided with this toilet. These bags are especially designed to remove the debris from these Coleman portable toilets. Once you empty your portable toilet tank into this bag, discharge this bag into any nearby toilet.

The second best way to discharge the waste from the portable toilet is to take it to a nearby public toilet. There, open its waste cap and let the waste go into the drainage hole/pipe. In this way, you can clean your tank through its automatic rinse feature. Once done, you can easily fill it with new water to use it for upcoming times.

However, you must keep in mind that you shouldn’t discharge the waste into the river/ponds water or anywhere else. Furthermore, if you are using the bags to discharge the waste, never through these bags directly into the public toilet-seats. Otherwise, they will stick in the pipe and create a blockage.

What is the price?

You will be surprised to know that these portable toilet are not expensive. You can buy them easily at their retail shop or through ordering online at a price range between $75-$100. This price is very affordable for all of the people, and anyone can easily buy it. The best thing about buying the portable toilet Coleman is that it will benefit you in the long run.

This is a very durable toilet seat that will not need any maintenance charges if you use it with care. Furthermore, you will have to spend just one time on it at the time of purchasing it. Later on, you can use it every time you go on a camping trip without investing any single more dollar on it. Thus,  portable toilet would be the best every purchase, especially for traveling or camping trips.

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