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7 Best Pipe Cutters For Plumbers Reviews & Buying Guide

Plumbers are known to use pipe cutters for cutting their construction pipes. The current technology has more marketing pipe cutters with different features. With all the tested items, the cutters are categorized in some criteria, and here we will discuss some best pipe cutters you can opt for when looking for one.


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1 : Durable Rigid Pipe Cutter

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The rigid, durable pipe cutters are of different models, and they are exceptional when compared with other pipe cutters. This type of cutter is known to cut the pipes to about 2 inches of metal pipes. It contains a handle with King size where you can adjust about 3A pipe. It can also cut into narrow space, and they come with different numbers of wheels.


They are known to cut clean and fast every pipe during plumbing.

They have extra long shank measuring which protects adjustment threads

The tube can be converted to three-wheelers when rollers are interchanged.

The handle is extra-large hence quick and easy adjustment.


It is so tough

Offers remarkable usage

It impresses in character transformation


No several colors to select from.

2 : Cobra PST109 Pipe Cutter

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The gadget is known to help much when there is a disaster in plumbing. The machine, however, cuts pipes from inside, and you must attach handling tools with it, or the power drill can be used. Cutting tubes using this cutter is very easy; hence fixing any problem is so fast.


Its usage is so easy

Very tiny therefore flexible for all pipes

It has a blade for cutting hardened steel

It’s made with hard material accordingly can handle enormous loads.


Itsmalltiny in size thus flexible

It is long-lasting

It is versatile to more usage


It must be attached to another tool to work well

3 : IWISS PEX Cutter

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The cutter has it’s main work as cutting the pex pipes, and its usage together with the PVC pipe depends on the cutter. It has n aluminum alloy handle with a steel blade. It also makes the s straight blur-free cut and has many features which impress everyone


It makes blur-free, clean, and straight cut

The metal used for making it is long-lasting

It’s portable due to the tiny size

It has red and bright in color

It offers perfect design and excellent look


It’s cut remains smooth and perfect

It has bright colors àt the handles


It only has one blade.

4 : RIDGID 23498 Model Pipe cutter

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It is another toolbox cutter for all time servicing. Its known to cut multilayer tubes and plastics. It has several blades kinds for cutting several tubes and pipes. The blades can be changed with other tools.


Has a unique design for quickly changing blades

It requires some force for cutting through the pipes

It has ergonomic grips for measuring the pipes

Offers to blur fewer cuts to the pipes

It is ready to handle even massive duty works.

The cutting blade for replacing it is so unique


It is a sturdy and sharp blade.

It offers perfect cut with its V-shaped blade

The cost-friendly

Has gorgeous metallic color



Replacement spring is an issue to get

5 : Rothenberger RoCut 42TC 52000 Plastic Pipe Shears

best pipe cutters

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These pipe shears are able to cut PVC, CPVC, PEX, PE, PP, PB, and PVDF tubes up to 1-5/8 inches in outer diameter. The stainless steel V-edge blade, wide pipe support, and ratcheting mechanism ensure precise, cuts with less cutting force necessary.

A blade release button makes it easy to operate the tool one-handed, while the ergonomic handle adds to the tool’s durability and allows for longer work periods. Transport is made safer, thanks to a lockable lever.

This is one of the best professional PVC pipe cutters you’ll find and is a favorite of many contractors. Its V-edge triangular blade and squared bottom jaw provide superior grip and cut to other models, and the overall design prevents that annoying urge to twist on the last stroke that’s so common in other models.

Of course, no tool is perfect (or these lists wouldn’t be needed) and the Rothenberger is no exception. The release button is made of plastic, creating a weak point in the otherwise stainless steel construction.

This part is prone to breaking and must be used for each cut, meaning it gets a lot of stress. Warming an older pipe with a heat gun before cutting it can help reduce the risk of damaging the tool. Also, be sure to give the tool a little oil now and then, as it can still suffer oxidation when not given a little common-sense care.

6 : Klein Tools 50031 PVC Cutter

best pipe cutters

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Even though most Klein Tools products are made in the USA and these cutters are made in Spain, the product has the same high quality construction Klein Tools is known for.

The 50031 is a durable pipe cutter made out of aluminum that creates straight cuts in 1/2 to 1-1/4 inch PVC with very little effort. It includes a fast one-handed blade release and ratchet mechanism so you don’t have to let go of the pipe while working and includes an easy tool-less blade change.

A lot of pipe cutters claim to be made for one-handed use, but you can really feel the quality in the Klein. Incredibly easy to use and is built to last, making it a great go-to tool for anyone who does a lot of work with plastic piping.

The steel blade can be a little difficult to line up until you’re used to the tool due to the design. It can also be a little awkward to handle compared to other tools. Again, experience makes using this tool easier over time, but it might not provide the ideal experience your first couple tries.

7 : Ginzors Ratcheting PVC and Hose Cutter

best pipe cutters

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While not a household name, Ginzors has come out with a decent plastic pipe and hose cutter that actually works well and is very affordable.

Made from high quality manganese steel with a sharp teflon blade, this one-handed ratcheting PVC cutter will cut 1/2 to 1-1/4 inch diameter PVC. It includes a soft rubber handle for easier grip and a stainless steel buckle to lock the blade when not in use. The blade is able to cut aluminum, CPVC, PEX, PPR, PVC, and rubber hose.

This tool works well in tight spaces and makes clean, fast cuts. It’s surprisingly light for having steel construction and feels nice and sturdy. It also feels quite natural when using the tool one-handed, unlike many similar models which tend to be better suited for right-handers or allow single-handed use almost as an afterthought.

The teflon blade may be razor sharp, but it’s also much thinner than standard steel blades, which can cause it to flex during a cut. The crush softer pipe, rendering it useless. Another flaw that’s been reported is the exposure of a spring when the buckle is opened. The tip of this spring is very sharp and may cause injury when not handled carefully.

While not the top model out there, it’s one of the best non-brand name cutters out there and can be had for cheap, especially when it’s on sale.


The above are some of the best cutting pipes that plumbers can use successfully.