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Bathroom Sink Drain Installation | Repair and Replacement Guide

Bathroom Sink Drain Installation Mistakes to Avoid

If you want your sink drain to function properly in long run, make sure you rightly perform the installation task. Never choose the low quality material or parts in sink drain installation

Sometimes, it also happens that even if you rightly perform the bathroom sink drain installation, the pipes, drains and joints gets loosen. When they start getting loose with the passage of time, the water also starts leaking from them. It usually happens when you choose the low quality sink drain parts or low quality material.

At that time, you might be thinking that in this way, your money would be saved. However, in long run, you are adding up more cost to your budget because of its maintenance or replacement cost in future. Therefore, it is highly recommended to spend in buying high quality sink drain parts. In this way, they wouldn’t go out of function in the short run.

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Make sure that all the connections are made tightly

Most of the people make the mistake of not tightening the connections as required. As a result, they face many issues with the right installation along with water leakage problems. In order to avoid this mistake, make sure that all of the connections during the sink drain installation are properly tightened.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to exert as much pressure as you can to tighten the connections. Because in this way, you will simply end up causing strains and cracks in the connections.

Pay a special attention towards the material of sink drain parts

Another very common mistake that is being made by every alternate person is that they never pay attention towards the material of the parts used in sink drain installation. As a result, these parts start losing their appearance after a shorter period of time.

Some of them even get the rust over them which looks so bad. Therefore, it is important to pay special consideration towards choosing the best material for the sink drain parts.

It has been seen that the stainless steel material is so far the best ever material for the sink drain parts. As these parts continuously encounter with water. There is no damage to them if they are made up of stainless steel material. Therefore, always try to look for the stainless steel parts instead of any rough quality material.

Avoid Using too much plumber’s putty during sink drain installation

If you don’t know about what is the plumber’s putty, lets learn about it first. It is basically a sealant material which works like a glue in making fixtures or during installing various parts together. Make sure to apply a right amount of it during the sink drain installation.

Most of the people thinks that applying too much plumbers putty will result in fixing parts more firmly. However, there are no logical ground behind this thought. In fact, when they apply too much putty, not only the aesthetics of the sink drain affect but it also results in improper fixtures.

Excessive putty would consume extra space between parts and will give a sloppy texture. This space or texture may shrink or reduce with the passage of time while leaving the water flow through it.

Don’t apply less than required amount of putty during installation

Just like applying too much of the plumber’s putty is bad. Applying it in lesser than required quantity is equally bad. If you apply the plumber’s putty during sink drain installation at a very small amount. There may be some spaces left from filling properly through putty which would result in leaking water through it.

When you open up the tap water, the water will pass through the sink drain and also comes out through the gaps left filled. Not only this, but it will also affect the durability of the sink as its parts would not be fixed firmly.

It is all due to the lack of applying the required amount of plumber’s putty. Therefore, make sure to carefully read the instructions on the pack of plumber putty and take out enough quantity of it. In this way, you would be able to completely and thoroughly apply it all over the required parts. Make sure to wipe out the excessive putty if there is any.

Avoid pouring any cleaning fluids e.g. acids into the sink drain

Another mistakes that most of the people do is that they pour the cleaning fluids into the sink drain for cleaning purposes. In this way, they are actually damaging their sink drain parts. This is because when they pour the cleaning fluids such as acids, into the sink drain, a chemical reaction occurs.

As a result of this chemical reaction, the sink drain parts get the corrosion effects which badly damage them. When corrosion occurs, the outer surface or lining of the sink drain parts also damages and they start looking bad. Not only their appearance but their color also changes. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid it at any cost and use those washroom cleaners which are safe for sink drain parts.

What to do if the sink drain issues still persist?

Sometimes, it happens that even after following all the precautions, sink drain issues such as cracking or leaking are still there. In such cases, make sure you have followed all the above steps. If the issue is still unresolved, then it is better that you figure out the part which is cracked or damaged.

After that, try to replace it with a new part as it would be the only solution. You can either replace the old damaged part with the new one by yourself or even by hiring a service. If you have no knowledge about how to disassemble the sink drain parts, it is better to ask for a help. However, if you want to do it by yourself, you can do it by following a proper sink drain installation and disassemble process.

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