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Barn Door for Bathroom: The Best Choice for Your Home

Bathrooms are one of the most personal rooms in a house. They require careful consideration when it comes to layout, flooring, and decor. Bathrooms with doors are an integral part of creating that personalized feel. A barn door for bathroom feature will provide privacy and add charm to your master bedroom. Here’s how barn doors work and what to look for when you decide to install one in your home.

Why Get a Barn Door for Your Bathroom?

A bathroom barn door (sometimes referred to as a pocket door) can be an amazing way to add functionality, style, and personality to your home. A barn door is easy to install and customize, and it can really free up some space that would otherwise be needed for traditional doors.

This makes a sliding barn door a great option for small areas such as bathrooms. Of course, a barn door can also be good for large, open areas since it can be left open to give a comfortable flow from one area to the other or closed to make it as a separator between rooms.

Barn door for bathroom

Now, let’s take a deeper look at why barn doors might be the right choice for your house:

The Pros of a Barn Door for Bathroom

Space Savers

One of the primary reasons that sliding barn doors are popular these days is their ability to fit into small areas. A typical swinging door needs room to open, can damage walls with the doorknob, and can block walkways.

Meanwhile, sliding barn doors do need space on the wall to open correctly, but they don’t need a lot of floor space since you don’t open them like a normal door.  This is particularly helpful in small houses with small master bathrooms.

If you happen to have a small bathroom, and you want to utilize every inch of space available, a barn door is a great option.

Just a fact, a conventional swinging door can take up space of up to 11 square feet. But a bathroom barn door doesn’t take a lot of space since it slides along the wall when you open it. This gives you extra space for a dirty laundry basket or linen closet behind it.


Aside from being an excellent space saver, a sliding barn door is also very functional as it can be made from lightweight materials, which is advantageous to both busy adults and small children.

Additionally, the fact that a sliding barn door can open all the way means that you will have more area to maneuver your furniture or yourself through the doorways. This can make narrow doors in older or smaller houses more functional and can add to the open feeling in a larger house if you decide to leave your doors open.

You don’t need to take a door off its hinges anymore. Of course, all these apply if you install a sliding barn door to your bathroom. 


Bathroom barn doors are very stylish on their own and can be effortlessly styled to further suit any aesthetic you want. Barn doors first became famous during the rise of the “shabby chic” style that included a lot of rustic furniture and décor made of wood and often metal.

It is easy to notice how barn doors would suit this aesthetic, but what many homeowners don’t realize is that these barn doors come in different styles and can be effortlessly personalized to your wants.

style of barn door

Natural wood barn doors incorporated with metal hardware and access look amazing in any nature, industrial, or rustic-inspired setting. Because of these doors’ simple, neat profile, they also work well in modern and minimalist houses as well.

Sliding barn doors can come in different styles and finishes, some of which can even include etched or tinted glass. There are also some that are called mirrored barn doors. But the takeaway is, whichever style you choose, the uniqueness of your sliding door will surely be the talk of your visiting friends.

Easy Installation

Another pro of a bathroom barn door is how easy it is to install. Traditional doors have to be closely measured and can be hard to work on into pre-cut doorways. If you like to change out a conventional door, you’ll usually end up needing to replace the whole door frame, which can be a very time-consuming carpentry project.

Meanwhile, bathroom barn door hardware can easily be installed either with the help of a friend or a professional or on your own. After you have the barn door hardware installed, it is effortless to change doors later on, which makes this a good option if you want to freshen up or redecorate the style in your house often.

Versatile Designs

Barn doors come in different designs that aid them to fit in just about any type of bathroom. Conventional barn doors are usually one sliding door on a track above the bathroom or doorway.

You can also opt with a double sliding barn door configuration, though that will enable the doors to slide to either side of your opening. This is an excellent option for larger bathrooms. Bypass barn door hardware suits well for bathrooms or other small areas in your house.

This is because bypass doors can slide behind each other, which means they don’t require a lot of track space on your wall next to the door.


These days, the use of barn doors for bathroom designs is not a strange trend anymore. Many houses have already adopted the use of barn doors to their bathrooms. And the popularity of these doors seems to get higher and higher.

One of the main reasons why it is becoming more and more popular is because this door looks very aesthetic. Aside from being an entrance, a sliding barn door also serves as a decorative item. This is the reason why homeowners who want to improve the look of their interior consider barn doors as an option.


The Cons of a Barn Door

Privacy Concerns

The usual problem with barn doors is the lack of privacy because there are gaps on both sides and the top of the door once you install it. This means everyone can see behind the door from certain angles when showering. What you can do is to install the barn door as close as possible to your wall.

Also, if not properly installed, sometimes, a barn door can slide on its own, which can lead to an uncomfortable situation, normally at the worst possible time. That’s why you must install a floor-mounted or lock and wall guide. This way, you can make sure that your door will stay close after you close it. Additionally, it won’t scratch or bump your furniture uncontrollably.

Sound and Odor Issues

Barn doors provide minimal sound and odor protection because of the gaps between them and the floor or walls. That’s why we highly recommend you get a solid wood barn door, as it can prove better soundproofing compared to hollow models.

Another important thing you must take care of is if your sliding barn door doesn’t come with hush or rug wheels. The scraping of metal might start getting on your nerves!

What to consider when choosing a barn door for your bathroom

Types of Barn Doors

In terms of design, there are three main types of barn doors: Paneled, Flush, and Glass.

The first type is exactly what it sounds like: paneled. This type of barn door comes with stiles and features a more rustic style. Paneled barn doors are quite popular, especially because they look most like conventional barn doors.

Meanwhile, flush barn doors are the opposite of paneled barn doors. They are flat and smooth, which may be the wisest pick if you have a small space.  The last type is glass barn doors.

They are also becoming progressively popular in homes where privacy is not really a problem, such as between two main rooms. Glass barn doors are excellent because they enable plenty of light to get through.

If you want the glass types but want to add more privacy, you should choose etched glass designs, frosted glass, and even printed glass designs. There is a myriad to pick from out there, in fact, you can even do your own custom barn doors or a DIY barn door.

Installation Types

There are two main installation types of sliding barn doors. The first one is called door slab, in which you’ll only get the door only without included any hardware and the flexibility to mix and match the barn door to your taste. 

On the other hand, the sliding door – which is the second option, comes with hardware such as track and rollers that are crucial for the sliding mechanism.


Unlike conventional swinging doors, barn doors can free up space, but they also require some space to slide along their tracks. If you are installing a barn door for single, you must have wall space on one side of your bathroom doorway that is at least the width of your bathroom door so that the barn door can slide completely open.

For double barn doors, you must have wall space the width of an individual door on each side of the doorway. Be sure that the wall has no artwork, doors, vents, windows, outlets, or light switches that might obstruct the door or scratch it while it slides open.

Structural Support

Some barn door models can be quite heavy, up to 200 pounds or more! That’s why some people install the track to a header, attached to the wall studs, and right above the doorway. A 2 by 6, cut twice as long as your track should do the job.

If you install studs on the wall, make sure there’s a stud or woodblock at every interval on your track, which includes beyond the door opening. Wall anchors are not enough to support hanging heavy barn doors.

Number of Doors

Choose if you want to have a single barn door or a double barn door. Single barn doors are more common compared to double doors because they latter need more wall space.

You can also buy two single barn doors and position them on a double-door track if you want. Regardless if you choose single or double barn doors, be sure you measure correctly to ensure they fit.

Type of Finish

Of course, this factor will be based on your own tastes. Depending on you, if you choose to go with metal or wood barn doors, your finish options will change. With wooden barn doors, you choices from painted to natural finishes.

As for metal barn doors, you can pick from finishes such as polished, brushed, and black metal finishes. The good thing about barn doors is that there’s a wide range of finishes available to fit every need, budget, and taste. If you want to stick to a conventional, rustic look, choose one that is untreated barn door.

If you want to improve the beauty and natural deep color of the wood but keep it sturdy for years, opt with a varnished wood for your bathroom barn door. Also, you can pick primed ones, which enable you to finish or paint it yourself without hassle.

Barn Door Material

The most popular choice when it comes to barn door materials is wood. But of course, there are other options available out there, such as metal barn woods.

Wood is one of the most practical choices since it can be varnished or painted if you want a change. If the barn door is made of wood, you can pick from alder, knotty, oak, fir, mahogany, and a few others. The material must provide great durability.

barn door material

Meanwhile, metal barn doors are also a good choice. It all depends on the style of your bathroom as well as your personal preferences. Wood looks amazing in older, more traditional houses. At the same time, metal and glass doors look great in industrial or contemporary-style houses.

Barn Door Hardware

The barn door hardware is crucial as they include the tracks and rollers you need to mount your chosen barn door. The tracks and rollers add some personality to the barn door. Here are the hardware you should keep in mind:

  • Track – All bathroom barn door needs a track to hang from. The track is positioned above the doorway but can extend as far along the wall as you want. Pick from a variety of track lengths and brushed finishes to suit your personal preference. 
  • Roller – When closing and opening the barn door, the rollers help the barn door slide along with the track. One end of the roller is installed onto the door, while the circular end is positioned in the track. Worry not because the rollers will stop once they reach the end of the track. Rollers come in many styles and shapes.
  • Hardware Kits – Barn door kits make everything convenient. A hardware kit includes all the hardware you need in one place to mount your barn door. Nuts, screws, rollers, and tracks are all included in these convenient kits. Just be sure you purchase the right kit for your door number and door size.
  • Handle or Pull – Similar to the common door lever or doorknob; a handle is a popular piece of door hardware on barn doors. Handles are usually large, so you can pull the barn door open effortlessly, regardless of how hefty the door is.
Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit


If you prefer a heavy barn door, then you would want to consider a barn door that has a solid car. Solid-core barn doors are heavier, better in quality but tend to be pricier. This type of barn door is not necessarily constructed of solid wood because its core can be made up of various materials.

Since we’re talking about bathroom barn doors here, we highly recommend getting solid-core barn doors as they have better sound insulation.

How Do I Install a Bathroom Barn Door?

Barn doors instantly add both charm and personality to your home. And the best part is you can easily install them yourself.

We’ve prepared a step-by-step process on how to mount your barn door below. But before we get started, make sure you have the following tools and materials ready to successfully install a bathroom barn door:

  • Barn Door
  • Barn Door Hardware Kit
  • Lumber
  • Paint or Stain
  • Stud Finder
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Level Speed Square

Once you’ve prepared everything, let’s start the process of installing your bathroom barn door.

Check Out Your Space

First of all, you should confirm if your bathroom area can properly accommodate a barn door. Be sure there’s enough empty wall space for the barn door to slide next to the doorway. It’s also important that there are no wall obstructions such as heating and cooling registers, electrical outlets, light switches, paintings, etc. 

Your chosen barn door must also be wide enough to cover the doorway entirely and have one or two inches of overhang on either side when the door is hung. You should have around a half-inch of space between the floor and the bottom of the barn door.

Pro Tip: For double barn doors, you must have empty wall space on both sides of the doorway.

Installing the Backer Board and Track

Now that you’ve confirmed you have enough space to mount your barn door, let’s get started.

Since you need one inch between the wall frame and the barn door, you should ready a backer board.

Here’s a step by step process of how to install a backer board and track:

Note: If you have concrete walls, there’s no need for a backer board. You can move on to Step 6.

Step 1: Prime and Paint the Backer Board

Pick a color that suits your door, wall, or trim and paint the board on a flat surface.

Step 2: Locate and Mark the Studs

Now find and mark the studs above the doorway using a stud finder. For single barn doors, start about three to four inches above the hinge side of the opening. Then repeat for the length of the backer board. For double doors, find studs on both sides of the doorway.

Step 3: Mark the Stud Locations

Measure the stud positions and transfer them to your backer board. Make sure they are straight across the board and centered.

Step 4: Pre-Drill Holes Then drill two holes in each stud location using a countersink bit.

Then, following the manufacturer’s instructions, copy the holes on the track onto the backboard and pre-drill.

Tip: Safeguard your surface with a piece of scrap wood.

Step 5: Attach the Backer Board to the Wall

Get help from a friend to attach the backer board to the wall. First, secure one end to the stud using a wood screw – inserting the head right below the wood surface.

Keep the board level and insert the rest of the screws. To cover the screw heads, you can use wood filler and paint as necessary.

Step 6: Attach the Metal Track

To align the track with the backer board holes, use the included washers and spacers lag bolts to fasten it to the board. Keep the track level and tighten the lag bolts using a wrench. 

If you have concrete walls, keep the level and mark the mounting holes on the wall. Using a masonry bit, pre-drill the fastener holes and install the track with the lag bolts and masonry anchors included in the hardware kit.

Step 7: Install Stoppers

Now, it’s time to install stoppers on the track. Slide a stopper onto each end, then tighten the set screw or using the included Allen Key.

Preparing the Door

Now, let’s prepare the barn door for mounting. 

Step 8: Attach the Rollers

Templates and rollers for mounting are usually included in the hardware kit. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to attach the rollers to your barn door using a speed square to ensure that the straps are straight.

Step 9: Attach the Handles

Attach the handles with bolts or screws, keeping the center about 36 inches from the bottom. Make sure to leave enough space for the inside handle, so it does not run into the door jam when closing the barn door.

Tip: Some hardware kits have handles included.

Hanging the Door

Next, let’s hang the door.

Step 10: Lift and Position the Door

Lift the barn door, resting the wheels on the track, then test it to ensure it closes and opens correctly.

Safety tip: Ask a friend to help you hang heavier doors.

Step 11: Install Door Guides and Anti-Jump Disks

Now, following the manufacturer’s directions, fasten the door guides and anti-jump disks—this helps to keep the wheels on the track and ensures that the door is aligned.

Fact: The purpose of anti-jump disks is to keep the barn door in place if the wheels come off the track.

Step 12: Make Final Checks

All you need to do now is to do some final inspections. Be sure that the door closes and opens correctly and the door stoppers are installed tightly.

Barn Door Maintenance

To maintain your barn door in top shape, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning directions and a few basic instructions. You can use a soft cloth and gentle cleanser to frequently wipe down the track and hardware.

Only clean any glass door panels and wood with the right products. With this step-by-step barn door installation guide, you’ll have a functional and barn door hanging in your house in no time.

Tip: Don’t use harsh products such as steel wool or coarse rugs when cleaning your barn door and its other components.

Barn Door for Bathroom Ideas and Inspirations

The following are some barn door ideas you might want to try.

Genius Iron White Single Barn Door

We were impressed with how high quality this barn door is for its price. We love that it came with heavy-duty hardware that looks great. Sure it took a bit of time to install, but it wasn’t that hard.

barn door bathroom

It is made of PVC material which makes it scratch-resistance, water-proof, and long-lasting. It has dimensions of 36-inch width and 84-inch height. It has a thickness of 1 3/16 inches and weighs 51 pounds. Its unique design ensures easy installation, and the manufacturer has provided detailed step-by-step instructions.

wood finish

Its style and color are a perfect blend for a minimalist bathroom.

BELLEZE Natural Wood Pine DIY Sliding Barn Door

This barn door by Belleze combines the beauty of wood with quality craftsmanship that is both reliable and visually captivating. It is easy to install because it is pre-drilled. Its thick construction resists warping and adds added dimension of sturdiness to your home.


It is made of high-quality pine, which is why it has a modern and slick design aside from its smooth surface. It weighs 76 pounds and has dimensions of 42-inches in width by 84-inches in height and has a thickness of 1.60-inches. The package includes a hardware kit and an easy-to-understand manual.

ideas for decorating

This barn door will create a focal point and add charm to any bathroom out there! If you’re looking for an elegant barn door, this is for you!

EaseLife Bathroom Barn Door

If you’re looking for a high-end barn door with a rustic feel, then the EaseLife bathroom barn door is for you. It has good corrosion resistance and sound insulation. It weighs 52.8 pounds and has dimensions of 36-inches in width x 84-inches in height, with a thickness of 1 3/8 inches.

barn door ideas

It’s perfect for your bathroom as it comes with a high-quality prefinished PVC surface that makes it water-proof and gives a beautiful glossy smooth surface.


It is easy to install because it is pre-grooved and pre-drilled. It also comes with detailed instructions for easier installation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I make my barn bathroom door private?

Most people are hesitant to get barn doors because of privacy issues. But there are ways to make a barn bathroom door private:

Be sure that you have the right door and track size – even though the sliding barn door doesn’t close tightly on the side, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do something to deal with privacy matters. The most basic approach to deal with it is to make sure that you get the right size barn door. It should be wider than the size of the bathroom doorway. The way barn doors are made is that the track is mounted outside the room so it can slide close and open. 

For instance, if the bathroom’s doorway is three feet wide, then your barn door should be a minimum of 4-feet wide. This will leave about 6-inches on either side of the barn door, which covers the gap. You also need to consider the track. It needs to have the correct length. It must be two times longer than the barn door’s length. If your bathroom’s doorway is three feet wide, your track should be six feet long. It must be two times the width of the bathroom door so that you can totally slide the door open.

Can you lock a barn door for a bathroom?

Definitely, yes! Bathroom barn doors don’t usually come with locks like conventional doors. But you can install certain types of locks to it if you want, such as:

Entry sliding door lock: this kind of lock is for barn doors that are accessed the most in your home (obviously bathroom). This lock comes with left-handed and right-handed options so you can pick which way the barn door will slide. This is the kind of lock you would want to get if your house has members that are frequently going in and out of your bathroom.

Teardrop lock: this one is perfect for you if you want to lock the door from the inside. It is suitable for you if you don’t want to compromise the aesthetics of your bathroom. It is safe and fully functional. If you are very concerned about privacy, the teardrop lock is your best choice. It mounts to the door jamb, so it will keep the barn door close and give you privacy.

Sliding barn door latch lock: this is usually the one that is used with double barn doors. However, if yours is a single door, you can instead use a hook and eye closure. Simply attach the loop to your bathroom wall and look to the side of your barn door. If you have kids, this is the kind of lock you would want because you can put these anywhere on the wall and door, so it is out of the reach of children.

Hash lock: if you want the most budget-friendly and simplest lock for your barn door, this one is for you. All you need to do is fix its hook to the doorframe with screws and then fix the hasp to your barn door. This type of lock comes in variety, so you must be able to find one that works for your needs.

When trying to choose what kind of lock to choose, check the privacy, safety, and functionality if you’re going to lock your barn door from the inside where aesthetics is not that important. Also, you should make sure that your kids won’t accidentally lock themselves in!

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