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7 Different Types of Toilet Seats: Which Is Right For You?

Types of toilet seats and decoration have become a fundamental piece of home. Types of toilet seats can a great effect on your toilet’s vibe, look and shape. As individual’s preferences vary from one to another, types of toilet seats don’t arrive in a standard size. This article introduces a list of toilet’ seats, and what you have to take into consideration to choose the appropriate types of toilet seats for your home.

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A toilet seat-pivoted unit comprising of different types of toilet seat such as round or oval open seat.  Typically a cover bolted onto the bowl of a toilet utilized in a sitting position. The type of toilet seats for a flush toilet or a dry one.

Toilet seats have two essential parts: a top which covers the toilet and a seat shaped for individuals’ comfort. The two sections interface with a pivot for simple cleaning. The types of toilet seats arrive in an array of colors and base materials like wood, steel, porcelain and plastic to suit beautifying bathroom plans and human comfort. These types of toilet seats vary with changes that intrigue to human tastes.

The list of toilet seats stated in this article cover most of the types of toilet seats in the world. Toilets are designed and modernized by human. Therefore, human made various kinds of toilet seats as indicated by his needs. The types of toilet seats utilized differ from one place to another. Below, we list types of toilet seats in the world as per the shape and capacity of the toilets.

Types of Toilet seats explained

Squatting Pan


different types of toilet seatsan is the classical design of toilet. Step by step, classical toilet shifted to the current water closet which gives more health advantages and comfort. Its demonstrated that “squatting pan” toilets are a lot more advantageous in comparison with European water  closet. Squatting pan brought in numerous names as Indian container, Orissa skillet and furthermore Asian dish toilet.

These “squatting pan” toilets have different design in different countries such as India, Japan, china…etc. These types of toilet seats are relatively less expensive than the water closet types of toilet seats. “Squatting Pan” should not be connected directly to the drainage pipeline due to the awful odors that will come in the toilets.

So squatting pans linked with the drain pipe by utilizing a ‘S’ trap or ‘P’ trap which maintain a strategic distance from the getaway of awful odor from drain line by a water seal. Water seal of is toilet type will be kept up by the trap. Yet, in water closets, the design itself will keep up a water level to seal the terrible odor escape from the channel pipeline.

WC Health

different types of toilet seats

“WC Health” is a one of a toilet types structure by “Guralvit, a turkey sanitary ware producing organization”. The WC is produced by joining Water closet comfort and Squatting pan health advantage. The WC won red dot design award 2012.

The weight of this toilet seat around 40 Kg. The height of the sitting around 22CM to 25 CM.It is almost 50% of the normal range from the ground contrasted with standard European water closet.

Typical EWC sitting height around 50 CM to 56 CM starting from the ground. The antibacterial coating covered over this design. “WC Health”  water storage room, yet you need to crouch these types toilet seat.

European Western Water closet

different types of toilet seats

This WC or EWC are intended to sit in a toilet. These type of toilet seats consist of seat and cover. When the flushing Cover must be closed. The Western type of toilet will be appended with a flush tank for flushing after utilization. Flush Tank is possibly made of ceramic or plastic.

A little quantity of water will be enclosed in the toilet itself by a water seal, which generally measures 50MM. The typical water closet is open edge because the position of the flushing tanks is high so that flushing will be powerful.

The European height of water closets vary from 500 to 550 MM. While, its weight vary from 12 KG to 20 KG , its depend on the design that can be either “S Trap types of Water Closet” or “P Trap types of Water Closet”.

Anglo-Indian Toilets

different types of toilet seats

Anglo-Indian types of toilet seats is a mix of squatting pan Indian and western water closet types of toilet seats. In this type of toilet, you can sit or squat, it is up to you. People buy these types of toilet seats when confused about the kind of toilet they need. This toilet is called as a mix toilet and it is universal one.

Anglo- Indian toilets are accessible in ‘S’ and ‘P’ trap. These types of toilet seat just accessible in Floor mount model. It is constructed with a plastic seat cover. You have to join a plastic tank or a hid tank for these types of toilet seats for flushing.

Elongated Toilet seats

different types of toilet seats

The Elongated toilet seats show up most of the time in business settings. Elongated seats give additional space and sterile conditions especially when made in stainless steel. This type of toilet seats estimates around 18-20 inches from the front to the focal point of the jolt openings.

Round Toilet Seats

different types of toilet seats

These Round toilet seats are normal in more seasoned design and suit customary restrooms. Round toilets do not occupy as much space as other different types of toilet seats, so they suit the users with less space on their home or office. The round toilets are basic and downplayed, yet these seats can do wonders with regards to giving your restroom a progressively conventional feel.

Smart Toilets

different types of toilet seats

Smart toilets are the most recent innovative types of toilet seats in the world. These Smart toilets or intelligent toilets constructed with ceramic and are attached to an electronic seat cover. All the functions of this smart toilet relied on the seat cover. The smart toilets come with a remote to set parameters. The remote serves to :

  • pre-set lyrics consequently when somebody draws near


  • Programmed seat cover opening sensors, which sense human methodologies close
    to the toilet.


  • be naturally open and close and UV cleaning facility


  • set the temperature and weight of the water and position of the water waste jet


  • People usefulness can be registered


  • Set Warm air drier and temperature according to people input


  • Double flush choice, eco flush or full flush

Types of Toilet Seats Materials

If you want to buy any type toilet seats from the ones stated above than consider buying after reading about different types of materials.

Plastic is the most well-known material used for toilet seats, and this material offers numerous benefits for human being. The most economical alternatives, so this is a decent decision in case if you would prefer not to go through an excessive amount of cash.

Plastic toilet seats are additionally easy to clean and care for, making them a low-support, sterile alternative. In other hand, plastic toilet seats cold to sit on during the winter, and after some time get recolored from cleaning.

They additionally don’t keep going as long as wood seats – however since they are more affordable, it won’t cost you as a lot to supplant one.

Plastic Toilet Seats 1

Wood Toilet Seats

Wood toilets seats come as either shaped or strong wood forms and can have a dull or serious shine finish. They are accessible in several colors, and famous materials incorporate common wood, bamboo and medium-thickness fiberboard.

Wood toilet seats are not as cold as plastic ones to sit on in winter, and having a wood toilet seat can add a dash of class to your restroom. The effectively harmed that he case & utilize an inappropriate cleaning items. In any case, on the off chance that you care for a wood can situate appropriately, it will
keep going for a long time.

Wooden Toilet Seats
Resin Toilet Seats

These are the perfect choice if you are looking for a combination of aesthetic and practical. The kind of resin in your toilet seat will rely upon its producer. While engineered resin seats do exist, numerous toilet seats produced using this natural materials. Buying an ecologically amicable toilet seat, do not hesitate to try resin toilet seats.


Bamboo Toilet Seats

It exists today, discover formed bamboo powder seats. Ordinarily made a similar path as shaped wood seats however with powder sourced from machining scrap. Its created during the creation of bamboo floors. What makes this material incredible and its considered eco-accommodating since bamboo is quickly developing grass, not a tree.

MAYFAIR 9401NI 568 Solid Bamboo Toilet Seat with Brushed Nickel ...

Thermoplastic Toilet Seats

Its made out of thermoplastic materials – plastics that become milder and in this manner pliant after arriving at a specific temperature and harder as the temperature chills off. Most section level toilet seats made out of thermoplastics. Likewise genuinely solid and look overall quite gleaming – in any event before they get scratched. Then again, as a result of their softness, likewise feel modest.

Types of Toilet seats Fittings

There are two main types of toilet seats fittings: Bottom Fittings and Top Fittings. Top fitting toilets seats work by taking care of two bolts into the seat and fixed from the top. Bottom toilet seats situate fittings from the top and afterward fixed from underneath, frequently with wing nuts.

Most of recent toilets currently accompany top fixing seat setting as they are simpler to fit and evacuate for cleaning. The toilet seat situate fixings you require for your toilet will to a great extent rely upon the sort of can situate you need to fit, or the fixings you are supplanting on your ebb and flow seat.


Despite the fact that there are different types of toilet seats (innovative or classic as mentioned above), it is additionally arranged by its usefulness, Usability and design. This article contains types of toilet seats explained. Don’ hesitate to read the full article to choose the appropriate toilet seat for you

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